Wengie Hair Hacks – 5 Minute Easy Hairstyles

If you’re a last minute Jane who’s always running out the house late with a less than stellar hairdo, watch Wengie Hair Hacks 5 Minute Easy Hairstyles. In this tutorial, she shows viewers how to achieve five simple, but trendy plaits.


What’s needed? To recreate Wengie’s hairstyles, buy clear rubber bands and learn how to braid. Don’t worry, the latter is the kind of braiding that most young girls achieve by age nine. Afterward, pay close attention and be ready to hit the pause button on this YouTube video. She goes through each hairstyle quickly demonstrating them on her own tresses. The hairstyles are the following: triple cascade, double tuck, side twists, twisted plaits and fishtail braids. And, yes, they work best on medium to long hair.


The best aspect of Wengie Hair Hacks 5 Minute Easy Hairstyles is that it too is under five minutes. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time watching it. Other bonuses of this YouTube video are the clarity of shots and close up view. You see her hands moving throughout her hair which makes following her steps easy.


Ready to up your hair game? What this tutorial and subscribe to Wengie’s Hair Hacks. She offers tips on a wide range of beauty topics.


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