Highland Capital Management is a big firm located in Dallas Texas and is a private company with private equity started in the year 1993. It particularly deals with alternative investment management, whereby it is in charge of several branches of finance like structured investments, distressed funds and investments that are primarily structured. Alternative investments are also usually offered in the following ways: long and short term equity on, natural resources, and emerging markets. Highland Capital Management has got a very broad and vast client base that makes it a very successful firm as far as client base is concerned.

The current president of Highland Capital investment goes by the name James Dondero, who also happens to be the co-founder. His first venture into this field on the dawn of his career was to be an analyst. He later transcended to the position of portfolio manager whereby he also became an investor and decided to invest in cars like the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). While in the GIC company, where he had been formerly employed, he had come up with assets worth close to $2 billion that he was in charge of and ended up managing them perfectly. His portfolio management consisted of loans, derivatives, bonds and market debts among many others. Apart from all this employment positions that he took up, he was also an employee of American Express. James Dondero graduated from Virginia University where he had majored in Finance and Accounting. He remains a notable figure in that university for having graduated with the highest honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi). He is a financial analyst apart from being a management accountant. He currently holds the positions of MGM Board of Directors and American Banknote. Apart from holding all this major positions he also happens to be the chairman for BOD of a company known as CCS. He is a very experienced individual (30 years) in the fields of credit market and equity market.

James Dondero is a very philanthropic individual and has done a lot of significant contributions that amount to goodwill and perfect welfare of people. His philanthropy is channeled out to individuals, companies and institutions especially those in legit need and those who happen to have varied want that they cannot achieve by themselves. He boasts of several awards that he has managed to achieve along the successful course of his career. The awards entail Lipper Award and Morning Star Award, which are very top notch awards. James Dondero together with Arthur Laffer was appointed to be on the board of directors of Nextpoint Residential (NXRT). NXRT is a company that is in charge of managing property owned by families whose salary is middle income. Average families to be precise. Highland Capital Market has expanded in growth, and one of its recent endeavors is its move to buy Nextpoint Credit Strategies Fund for $8.79 for each share. This was a big decision whereby Highland Capital Market decided to go ahead and further purchase a very large portion of next point’s shares which amounted to something close to 113,799 shares.

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