The Leafs Still Disappoint

The context of the thing does not matter so much as the team matters. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been a disappointment for decades at this point. They have not been able to win a championship in generations, and they are not looking like they will be any good any time soon. You have to wonder what they are thinking in Toronto, and many fans think the team does not care.

The players have spoken out to say that they do care, but fans like Bernardo Chua, who have suffered for so long have no choice but to think that the Leafs will never get better. A famous video of a lifelong fan breaking up with the team went viral on YouTube a few years ago, and the team is having issues with attendance stated

When the Leafs allowed their team to sit in the doldrums for this long, they became the Cleveland Browns of hockey. They are not going to get any better, and it would be hard for a fan to be convinced otherwise. I cannot blame any fan for thinking the team does not care, and I think we should simply let it be. The Leafs might be a lost cause right now.

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