Susan McGalla’s Resume

Executive consultant and businesswoman, Susan McGalla, has an impressive resume. Her resume is impressive not necessarily because of the positions she has held and the companies that she has worked for, but because of the story behind her resume. It is what she did while she was in her positions that she has held up until she has started her own business. Each of the positions that she has held were successful. She has worked in companies that were dominated by males and she has shown herself to be very comfortable in their company due to her upbringing. She has learned to see herself and others as merely people and have therefore not allowed the overabundance of males to intimidate her or make her insecure.

She has started her career working for the Joseph Horne Company. After that, she worked for American Eagle Outfitters. She has made a huge impact for the company. She began at the women’s clothing section. She was a divisional merchandise buyer. She quickly advanced to management positions in which she could exercise her influence in the company. Eventually, she advanced to chief merchandising officer as well as the president. During her time as president, she helped launch a couple of lines which included 77kids and Aerie.

After leaving American Eagle, she then pursued a career in the industry of finance and investments. She has worked as a private consultant in order to help people make good on their investments. Afterwards, she has founded P3 Executive Consulting Company. She also does work for the Pittsburgh Steelers helping with the growth and the strategic planning of the franchise. Each company that she has worked for has experienced growth and prosperity. McGalla is also seen as pleasant to be around for people who have met he rand worked for her.

Susan McGalla also has websites like cbslocal and articles that are dedicated to providing information about her. What those articles and pages say about her is truly impressive and inspiring not just for women, but for people in general. The world has a history of discrimination and prejudice. Often times, the victims of such incidents develop some kind of chip on their shoulder and a sort of paranoia that can stifle their growth in life as well as their careers. There is an alternative that people often miss and as a result, they also miss out on some great successes and relationships.

The alternative is to see others as individuals. While people do that, they also learn to check themselves and hold themselves to a higher standard. Susan McGalla has done that. She deals with people on an individual basis. She also understands that the true similarities that count when it comes to a group of people are similarities in character. She looks at the character and the actions of people as opposed to what they look like or their gender. Anyone can talk to Susan McGalla and not have to worry about being accused or looked at as having motives just for being part of a certain group.

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