Sawyer Howitt Racquetball’s Future Star

     According to the article on Sawyer Howitt and becoming a professional like him, there are several steps towards becoming a professional and it is not easy. Racquetball is very challenging physically and very few succeed in becoming a pro. It all starts with doing research and dedicating to a plan. It is best to work with a professional to help make sure your plan to ensure that you can achieve your goals. Also, having a good coach is necessary for success. Next, you need to find the appropriate workouts to do, continue practicing, and then it is on to finding sponsors and a job that will not take away from the critical time needed to practice.

Sawyer Howitt is from Portland, Oregon. Most of his tournaments were in 2015. Since most of his experience is from high school racquetball, Sawyer has not done enough to be ranked in professional racquetball. He is an up and coming professional that is said to have amazing potential. It is believed that he will represent the United States in the Men’s Racquetball Olympics very soon.

Sawyer is the son of the founder of Meriwether Group. He has plenty of potential in the racquetball world though. He could play men’s singles, men’s doubles, and possibly even mixed doubles. All of his matches have been men’s singles though. If this man can continue his hard work we will be hearing his name associated with racquetball champions in no time. He is doing plenty of hard work for the Racquetball club of Portland right now.

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