Riot Games Taps Former Uber Exec To Address Internal Diversity

Since Kotaku released an online report revealing the alleged widespread sexual discrimination within Riot Games, the League of Legends game developer offered a six-month progress report. Following the investigative report, the company offered an apology on its blog post assuring the public that they will do certain steps to address the issue. A part of this initiative is the hiring of a new Chief Diversity Officer in the person of Angela Roseboro. Roseboro is tasked to lead the company in its continuing inclusion and diversity efforts. Roseboro shared that her new role will include developing new programs to increase Riot Games’ inclusive culture. She shared she was given the chance to meet incredible people at Riot Games who are very passionate in a culture that allows everyone to succeed together.

The new chief diversity officer said that she admires the heart and soul of the company and despite the difficulties and several setbacks expressed her excitement to be a part of the game developer’s journey. She said that she could not wait to start her job and do her part to ensure that the company will have a culture that acknowledges and appreciates the individuality of each Rioter. Angela Roseboro holds a similar role at Dropbox prior to joining Riot Games.

She has more than two decades of experience including several leadership positions in finance and consulting. She led Dropbox in developing and implementing actions and initiatives to make inclusion a key part of the company’s goal as a team of choice for all kinds of talents. Riot Games also shared an update on its efforts about inclusion and diversity in their culture. In addition to tapping a new chief diversity officer, the game developer also invited third-party consultants to audit performances and to make certain recommendations. The League of Legends developer is currently improving its recruiting, training, and education methods.

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