Perry Mandera’s Contributable Giving

Perry Mandera is well known for his generous nature. He has helped many get the support that they need. Mandera is the owner and founder of The Custom Companies. Custom Companies is a transportation provider. Mandera employs hundreds of people and he has sales totaling more than 2 million. He is headquartered in Northlake, IL and has several other locations around the United States.

Perry Mandera was formerly in the Marines. He served as heavy equipment and truck operator. After fulfilling his service to the military, he decided to go on with working in transportation. He worked for several before creating his first enterprise. He decided later that he would sell this transportation business and go into politics. This was short lived and by 1986, he decided that he would start Custom Companies.


Custom Cares Charities

Mandera had a strong drive from the beginning to help the less fortunate. He had a strong vision even before starting and made sure that much of his business was based on philanthropy. He started Custom Cares Charities which helps to support organizations that help to serve the underserved population. Some of his sponsorships include over 100 sports teams in the Chicago area and around the state.


Other Charities

Mandera also provides help to former military members that might have problems in today’s world. He has a close association with Marines for Life as well as Hire Our Heroes. With his experience in transportation, he can combine his philanthropy with logistics to ensure that underprivileged individuals get what they need.


Hurricane Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area, Mandera knew that he had to help. He sent 40 truckloads of supplies and food to the area that was hit the hardest. He also sent food and supplies to other areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.


In addition to all these charities, Perry Mandera also supports many other charities. During the holiday season, Custom Cares Charities donate cash to those families who otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holidays. He also contributed to the wildfire clean up in California and many other charities. Mandera has taken charitable giving to the next level.



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