People in Illinois Never Have Been Happier for the last 30 Years because of Perry Mandera and His Work

Since 2000, people like Perry Mandera have been working hard in Illinois to assist families in need, charities and a whole lot more of philanthropic movements.

From feeding homeless people to fighting crime in the city, Perry Mandera’s contributions and efforts look pretty much like the ideal person who cares about his community, understands its needs and takes massive action. Perry is  CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. He supports organizations like Lynn Sage Foundation, The University of Chicago Medical Center, and Catholic Charities USA. He also established Custom Cares Charities, sits on the Board Of Directors of The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and multiple different fundraisers.

It is very evident that no one gives so much without learning something from the past. We believe Mr. Mandera’s passion comes from the teachings of life during his work at the Marine and logistics since 1975. Back then he would be just a young man with a dream.From those experiences he learned the importance of logistics, leadership, teamwork and caring about your community. Since then he started to grow exponentially achieving massive success starting with his business at 25 years old.

If you are from Illinois and you know this man you will have noticed that he always surprises us with such innovative ways of giving back every year. He does not just help people by firming a check; he involves him in all sort of creative ways.For instance, Perry Mandera could give some money to the Lynn Sage Foundation, but in other cases he would do more symbolic activities. Sometimes he would sit on a truck and distribute coats for thousands of people in need during Christmas.

In other cases like the Katrina hurricane event, he would make its company send about 40 truckloads of donated food for victims. He could implicate in Crime control organizations to help to regulate and rehabilitate young delinquents. Next thing he would do could be supporting an ecological movement (MyLife).

Apparently this entrepreneur wants to bring abundance and happiness wherever he goes. It is a detail than his people will never forget.

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