George Soros Is Still Committed To Fight Against Donald Trump

Billionaire investor George Soros has been on the political forefront recently and has spent millions of dollars in an attempt to help get Hillary Clinton elected as president on Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful but they are not deterred. George Soros and some of his other allies have been meeting and regrouping to further their efforts against Donald Trump. There was a closed door meeting regarding the large sums of money that were still available for the fight against the current president-elect. The meeting was held in Washington at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. In attendance were many liberal groups and unions.

The meeting at dealt with a variety of topics ranging from the upcoming elections in the next couple of years, to how to derail Donald Trumps new 100-day plan that is intended to undo much of what Barack Obama had accomplished during his eight years in the White House. This club has been called the Democracy Alliance and the members have help to shape the way the party and the left and general has come to evolve over the years. Goerge Soros has had a major part in actively participating and pushing for reform. He has donated not only huge amounts of money but just as much time and effort to see that the party keeps evolving and becoming successful in its endeavors.

Even though Hillary Clinton received the majority of the popular vote on Biography, she still lost to Donald Trump based on the electoral college. George Soros has regrouped himself and has dug in to help create ways to thwart Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine the country and all of the progress that has been achieved in the last several years. George Soros views Donald Trump as a threat to the American way of life and has been quite vocal in protesting all of his proposed policies.

Online Reputation Strategy 101: Own Your Name Domain TDL

What most professionals dread most, perhaps, is a stain on their names, organizations or business entities. Many times, libelous statements are inadvertently made of their operations which can lead to serious damage being done to any branding efforts a professional has been involved in.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Name

Devising a domain-owning strategy to help protect one’s name is perhaps the most vital thing a business owner or professional can do today.

– Let’s begin with the most commonly used method: setting up several websites with your name and variations of your name. In short, Johnsmith.COM.

Of course, a .COM top level domain (TLD) is the most commonly used, but you’re not limited to .COM as you already probably know. Really, Johnsmith.NET, Johnsmith.BIZ and other designated TLDs are just as effective.

What can you use as content? Well, just about anything there is. One’s online resume, network profiles such as Facebook pages, LinkedIn and other social media outlets and even video presentations, all vie for being excellent places for use for your name TDL.

– Let’s say your name is immensely common and already taken, such as our John Smith.COM in our example above. By adding a mere few letters at the end of your name, to qualify your profession such as a CEO, serves just as well. For instance, JohnsmithCEO.COM or JohnsmithHANDYMAN.BIZ. However, using a .NET, .INFO or .ORG TDL is equally effective.

– Keyworded TLDs are great ways for professionals to strategically defuse any possible attack against your name. Attorneys may use .LAWYER or .ATTORNEY and physicians may use .HEALTHCARE, or .SURGERY. The same can be said for other professions such as .ACCOUNTANT, .ACTOR, .CONTRACTORS, .DENTIST, .BANKER, .REALTOR and many others.

– Geographic TLDs are currently very popular as well. Beckysharp-Miami.COM is one way to do it. Beckysharp.Miami.BIZ is yet another way.

The important thing is to strategically plan a preemptive tactic to ward off either professional vendettas, or competitive assaults. Whatever strategy you use, use it wisely for best results, and get your name protected as soon as possible.

The Midas Legacy: How To Select A Reliable Wealth Advisory Company

Are you seeking a trusted expert to help you start or multiply your business, choose profitable financial investment opportunities or guide you on the right path to wealth? Do you desire to be confident you’re dealing with a credible financial investment enterprise? May be you have read a multitude of positive consumer reviews about The Midas Legacy and how the organization is helping individuals realize huge success.

If you have been researching investment decision programs for some time or like to find a trusted professional to advise or offer the support you need to improve your portfolio, you will want to select cleverly. Having a successful financial investment can upgrade various areas of your life, and help you realize the financial independence you need.

It is always recommended to turn to the expert guidance of an established firm. A competent expert will take over the responsibility of researching lucrative business opportunities or growing your portfolio of financial investments for you. When you get advice from a qualified specialist or a group of financial investment experts, you can be absolutely confident that you will realize your goals without difficulties.

There are countless companies and professionals out there offering to help you make the right financial investment decisions or expand your assets. Always remember, not all investment advisors are created equal. You may want to seek an organization that has a track record of guiding clients to success. When it comes to picking a top rated wealth-building or financial investment adviser, look no further than The Midas Legacy.

The Midas Legacy is a financially sound enterprise that renders wealth management services. This dependable company has been rendering outstanding solutions for several years and countless individuals have benefited tremendously from their solutions. They have clients from many parts of the world and their database of pleased clients and members keeps growing at a fast rate, indicating that the enterprise is highly regarded.

People wish to have a trusted adviser when it comes to choosing investment decision opportunities, wealth management solutions, financial solutions and when dealing with other financial concerns. You can rest assured that you are making the right choice once you have a proven wealth advisory group on your side.

Various people have made investments and have succeeded beyond their expectations and so can you. Visit The Midas Legacy at their website for more information about their solutions and how they can help you arrive at your goal.

Five unique features that make the best

If you want the best place to place your bets on NCAAF odds, college football odds or football odds, then your best bet would be offers you the most current and accurate information about games. It was created by Joe MacDonald and Paul Lavers in 1995. It’s the property of Covers Media Group. has a group of experts who are dedicated to studying statistics, numbers, and offering intangibles to customers and giving them the convenience of quality sports information that is derived from long hours of constant research. Their professionals are dedicated to withholding high standards of accuracy, honesty and integrity in their work. Information produced are guaranteed to show positive results for clients. The group of experts produce articles, information, and statistics for sports fun every day, all year round. They feature live scores and football odds, detailed match-up pages, community forums and the best angles on every major sport. has grown its reputation and it’s the most preferred by sports bettors because apart from offering detailed rankings and reviews, it also provides sports books online, which are essential for any level sports bettor. With a grown reputation, has attracted an increased number of bettors visiting their site. This has made it number one in the sporting industry.
Some unique features found in this betting site are;
• Constantly updated scores and game chats.
• Team rankings.
• Records about teams in particular arenas and stadium.
• Sports books
• Statistical breakdown for individual referees and umpires.

Some best ways to bet on a college football are:

Spread bets – it’s that type of betting that equalizes your chances of winning a wager. In this form of betting, the lines/spreads are released in advance. The underdog spread will accompany “+” while the “-” will be the most favored team.

Money line – bettors simply pick the team they think will win. Normally takes the spread out of the equation. Here different odds are placed next to teams and this will show the pay of betting either team.

Totals – here the total points scored by each team is determined by sports books. The bettors place a wager on the over or under of that total.

Parlays/ teasers – it’s a combination of total, money line and spread combined to increase the payout or hit. Here each one of the wagers must win.

Whichever method you use for betting, remember to treat betting like an investment. Study the trends and choose without emotions.

Fabletics: Fun Fashion, Affordable, Great Quality

Fabletics is a great new way to shop for the busy and active woman on the go. Fabletics is not necessarily the average shopping experience because it offers a streamlined way to pick out pieces for the activewear wardrobe. Women who subscribe to the service no longer have to spend hours looking through different options before they find something that appeals to them. They can choose their outfit simply by choosing it from a small selection of pieces out of hundreds generated to fit their style just so.


Women who work out a lot have to schedule time for themselves to go for a long run, take a sixty minute pilates class, get in a 90 minute hot yoga session or do a video spin class for an hour. When this woman takes an hour or more out of her day every day or several times a week to take care of her body it becomes harder to take care of her wardrobe because perhaps those sixty minutes used to be her time to shop.


Fabletics understands this and makes it easy for women to update their fitness wardrobe once per month. Each month several outfits are delivered to her computer screen based on her style and what kind of workouts she does. From these selections that have already been narrowed down for her, all she has to do is pick her favorite, and it is delivered right to her door. The entire process can be done in 5 minutes and there is no need to leave the couch or reserve a significant amount of time to get it done.


The other great thing about Fabletics is it’s some of the most reasonable priced athletic wear on the market. Some other athletic wear companies only make it slightly tolerable to buy a pair of pants once every few months based on their price point. Fabletics makes it very affordable to update with a new outfit each month without batting an eyelash. For the very low price point, all of the clothes are of exceptionally high quality.


The clothes are also very cute and stylish. They are not your average black yoga pant and matching racerback. The clothes have fashion details like zippers, ruching, strappy backs, bold metallic and bright prints, and cutouts. These pieces are not only fashion forward in class but can be taken to thte street as well.

The Impressive Track Record of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is one of the leading dentists based in New Jersey. He was born and raised in Highland Park, New Jersey to a father who was a cardiologist. He attended New York University, College of Dentistry, back in the year 1997. He is a dedicated family-man with one wife and six children. He thrives in the health industry, providing services that improve the quality of life for children living with various health conditions.





  1. Avi Weisfogel has always had an eye for business and marketing. It is for this reason that he left general dentistry practice to open his own practice. In the year 2010, he started Dental Sleep Masters. This company is dedicated in improving the quality of sleep.


Dental Sleep Masters cost Weisfogel two years of his life and millions of dollars. With this program, he is able to diagnose and treat people suffering from sleep apnea. The system has about 300 appliances and he dedicates time to train other dentists of the same. Other than that, every other year, he takes about 200 hours to advance his education. This is following the New Jersey guideline that requires that doctors take 40 hours of ongoing education, every year.






Avi Weisfogel supports a nonprofit organization known as operation smile. Operation Smile is an international company that works to restore self-esteem, by treating cleft lips and cleft palates, both in children and in adults. This foundation started around three decades ago. The foundation was first aimed at helping children in Philippines. However, with time, the foundation has grown to serve over 100 countries. As at now, they have achieved over 200, 000 surgeries, impacting the lives of many children and adults in a great way.






Weisfogel has released more than five videos. He released Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Biography & Education – Old Bridge Dentist in June, 2012. This video is aimed at educating people about his life, from childhood to his practice in Old Bridge. He also released Avi Weisfogel | Dental Sleep Masters | Sleep Apnea Training for Dentists in Dec 2015. This video elaborates more on the Dental Sleep Masters program.


EOS is Becoming a Leader in the Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics are one of the most popular selling products on the market. Out of all the beauty products available, lip balm is the number one seller. Many cosmetics companies are looking for ways to capitalize on the popularity of lip balm. Yet, there’s one company who’s leading the way in lip balm products.

EOS may be an unknown name to some people, yet there lip balms have become a hit with the Hollywood crowd. Thanks to their innovative lip balms and popularity with Tinseltown starlets, EOS lip balm is quickly becoming a leader in the cosmetics industry.

Years ago, EOS ( was a little known company. The company’s three founders were looking to break into the beauty industry. They wanted to create a lip balm that would be different from the ones currently in stores. After extensive research, EOS created their unique brand of lip balm.

What makes EOS different from other lip balms is their packaging. Most lip balms come in tins, while EOS’ balms come in a pop off tube, which can be easily applied like regular chapstick. Aside from its container, EOS lip balms are made from natural ingredients and comes in a variety of flavors, which is why it’s become a hit with beauty fanatics.

After getting their product to the market, EOS relied heavily on social media influence to promote their brand. Thanks to the help of social media and beauty bloggers, EOS has become a success with consumers, making it one of the top companies in the beauty industry. As their popularity continues to grow, EOS is looking to cement its status in the cosmetics industry by creating new products for their customers. The products are now available on Target stores and on eBay online.


Squaw Valley Ski Resort Region Faces Water System Issue

Squaw Valley remains one of the top ski and vacation destinations for people who like to trek to the great outdoors of California. The wonder of Squaw Valley is known to an incredible number of tourists who frequently visit. Sad to say, a lot of people are hearing unfounded and troubling reports about the drinking water. News has circulated that bacteria was found in the local region’s drinking water. Worst of all, the organisms were labeled E. coli and coliform bacteria.

The local Department of Environmental Health has been on the case. So far, things do look promising. The water has been professionally treated and improvements are showing. Tests of three out of four wells show that coliform amounts have declined quite a bit and E. Coli is completely absent.

Those who rely on tourist revenue are hoping news about the improvements spread. Public health issues certainly unnerve travelers. Sadly, rumors have a tendency to persist and the rumors may not be based on any real facts or assessments.

Tourism regions do rely on seasonal and holiday booms in order to generate profitable streams of income to the many businesses and entrepreneurs living and working in those areas. Not getting ahead of the messaging on a crisis would be harmful. The powers running the tourism industry along with local government are doing their best to get the correct, accurate message out.

Restaurants, to the dismay of many, have yet to open. Clearly, this is not to the benefit of those involved with the restaurant industry or the local authorities that collect tax revenue from these establishment. Solace should be taken from the fact the situation is being taken highly serious. No one is trying to rush through the cleanup or prematurely open establishments reliant on the drinking water supply.

Positive news from the Squaw Valley front reveal the ski slopes are open for business. Those wishing to do a little skiing may still be able to continue on with vacation plans. Staying on top of news reports about the situation is most assuredly recommended. Knowledge would be helpful in this situation.

It is worth noting that the specific water system located at High Camp and Gold Coast was contaminated from weather events. The other water systems in the region are not reported to be suffering from any problems.

The local news will be sure to keep the public updated on the situation.


Nobody Parties Harder than A Magnises Member

Magnises is quickly becoming the most popular private club for ambitious millennials. Members of this exclusive club get premier access to the hottest venues in two of the East Coast’s most prosperous cities.

People who join Magnises get a special black card, which was inspired by the famous American Express black card. This Magnises black card is not a tied to any bank or financial institution, but a member can use this card in lieu of his/her “official” credit or debit card.

Everyone’s tastes will be satisfied with Magnises membership. That’s because Magnises offers such a wide variety of events to their members. Whether a person is into sports, theatre, concerts, night clubs, or even just making professional contacts, Magnises promises to help every member get to where he/she wants to go.

Just a few examples of Magnises’ most recent event deals include discounted orchestra-level seats to the popular Broadway musical Hamilton, and discounted tickets to the fall Cowboys at Giants game.

Magnises members also get access to the Magnises concierge app called “Magnises NOW.” This app tells users all about special experiences and meet-ups in either New York City or Washington D.C. Magnises executives describe this app as a member’s “personal concierge.”

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An invite-only black card for millennials

Magnises was founded by the ambitious entrepreneur Billy McFarland. Born in NYC in 1991, McFarland was already building businesses online at the age of 13. Although he attended Bucknell University for one school year, he quickly left after founding the successful startup Spling. McFarland’s Spling, which helps companies change the appearance of their URLs, has many big name clients. Just a few of Spling’s customers include NBCUniversal and Discovery. MacFarland still serves as the CEO of Spling.

McFarland founded Magnises in 2013 with the hopes of creating a vibrant community of professionals in some of the world’s most dynamic cities. As of 2015, McFarland has been able to raise $3 million from Magnises’ 10,000-plus members.

Most of the people who are members of Magnises are aged between 20-30. Many are involved in some professional industry, including finance, tech, media, or fashion. Although Magnises was designed to help members get access to exclusive events in two of America’s most prestigious cities, it has also become one of the best ways for millennials to network with people higher up in various industries.

Magnises is now working on a few new “lifestyle perks.” One of these perks is called ClubPass. As the name suggests, people who purchase ClubPass membership will be able to gain access to every single NYC club. ClubPass membership costs $65 a month.

Another new feature Magnises just introduced is called HotelPass. This perk was made to help users get a room at some of NYC’s most exclusive hotels for a fraction of the cost.

Members of Magnises currently pay $257.55 each year for their membership. The team at Magnises is working hard to expand their city list in the next few years. Some other cities that might soon be included on Magnises’ list include London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and Atlanta.

Learn more about Magnises:

Former Hawks ownership sues New Hampshire insurance company for breach of contract

Sept 2016, the former ownership of NBA Franchise filed a case for breach of contract against New Hampshire Insurance Company involving the settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry the former manager. Bruce Levenson is included in the controlling partner by former Hawks Ownership group. However, the lawsuit does not involve the current Hawks ownership that is managed by Tony Ressler.

On Sept 13, the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court of Fulton County, is also described as AIG, insurance bad faith and also a breach of contract. The group claims that it was insured under a policy that covered particular losses in relation to employment practices, including, but not limited to, specific acts of “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts.” The court’s documents indicate that AHBE notified AIG on April 2015 that claims have been vindicated by Ferry that it believed were included.

Two days later after Ferry and Hawks ownership arrived at a concealed buyout agreement on 22 June 2015 terminating a relationship that began six years earlier, the approval of the sale of Franchise to Ressler group was settled.

According toESPN the confidential limits of liability to the policy are sufficient to play AHBEs claim. The lawsuits illustrate that AIG refused to acknowledge the claim and the triggered policy. It also indicates that AIG declined to engage in defense of the uttered claims and accept coverage during the council discussion of Ferry and Hawks. Hence, the lawsuit claims a breach of contract for the decline to provide payment for covered losses in the agreement.

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist ( and American businessman. Bruce attended Washington University and graduated from law school at America University. Bruce has founded various companies including Aslant Hawks LLC, and United Communication Group where he is a co-founder among others.

Information above can be sourced from