Nick Vertucci unconventional career decisions.

When you think of porker, you feel about risk. However, this is not the case for everyone, Nick Vertucci has been successful in porker and made a name for himself. He is a master of rational decision making which has helped him in porker career and real estate business.

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV real estate and a successful poker player who came from a humble background. At the age of eighteen, he started his own company where he was selling computer accessories to make ends meet. Later he joined real estate academy where his real estate interest grew and led a successful career as a real estate investor. Then he started his real estate academy Known as NVREA.

He is not only a real estate investor but also a successful poker player and author with his current book being seven figure decisions. In his book, he mentions that people do not become wealthy by playing it safe but by the billion worth choices that they make during a lifetime. His book is a guide to entrepreneurs and real estate investors on how to become successful.

In his journey to success, he almost lost everything ad this made him wise and bold. Nick Vertucci has made a career in porker by taking calculated and well-thought risks. He has played against the most famous parker player in the world such as Antonio famously known as the magician, Mike knew as the mouth and David Benyamine.

His porker career started in 20004 at a tournament held in the no-limit Texas where he was placed 8 and walked out having made a profit of $ 6030. Since then he has been improving his poker game, and in 2016 he participated in the world series of poker, which is one of the biggest poker tournament in the world. Here nick Vertucci made a profit of $2532.

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