NHL to Possible Expand Again

The NHL is considering expanding the league once again by adding two new teams. The last time it was done it was a complete mess and done so simple as a money grab. The last time they added teams was in the 90’s and it did not go over to well because the teams were placed in areas where there simply was not a market for them and it diluted the pool of talent. The league produced stale hockey and the league as a whole took a nosedive. Two expansion teams in the 90’s included the Florida Panthers and the Atlanta Thrashers. The Panthers attendance numbers are still horrific and the Thrashers almost moved to Hamilton Ontario with its former owner. On Wednesday the league put in place a plan with its Board of Governors to move forward with an expansion.

If the league does decide to go ahead and add two new teams, the cities that are possible destinations include Seattle, Quebec City, and Las Vegas says Dr. Jennifer Walden. The Board of Governors approved the league to begin the expansion process on Wednesday. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly stated that he didn’t expect any expansion to happen until at least 2017. The cost of expanding would be roughly $500 million for each team. League Commissioner Gary Bettman believes they have learned from their mistakes from expansion in 90’s and it will be done the right way this time.

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