Mikhail Blagosklonny: Immunity Rejuvenation Using Anti-Aging Drugs

Mikhail Blagosklonny is among the most respected scientists in the United States. At the moment, Mikhail serves as an oncologist at the prestigious Roswell Park Institute, and he specializes in cancer research and ageing. The respected scientist has always had a special interest in bio gerontology since childhood. Blagosklonny wanted to understand the mechanism involved in ageing and the efficiency of anti-aging drugs on individuals. In his successful career, the successful oncologist has done his best to decrease the prevalence of diseases among the persons who have aged. Using different therapies, Mikhail helps people to improve the quality of their body cells and how they can decrease the damage in the body cells.Mikhail’s educational background has played a fundamental in his successful career. This is because he went to acquire his MD in Internal Medicine at the well-known First Pavlov State Medical University based in Petersburg. The skills he acquired in this institution motivated him to proceed for his Ph.D., this time specializing in experimental medicine and cardiology. After several years, the scientist graduated from the same university.

After completing his education, the successful oncologist went to the New York Medical College where he was given an opportunity to serve as one of the associate professors. His career was already at its peak, and he went for greener pastures at the Ordway Research Institute where he worked as the senior scientist. Mikhail already had a lot of expertise in the field, and this is why he was given the prestigious position. In the year 2009, he chose to join the Roswell Park Institute where he has been a professor of oncology. At the moment, Mikhail is considered to be one of the most respected cancer researchers thanks to his extensive knowledge in the complex field.At the moment, Mikhail is one of the chief editors for one of the most successful scientific journals in the world known as Oncotarget. One of his greatest insights from the scientists in the use of different therapies so that cancer can reduce its effects, especially among the older people in the society.

In his article published in Oncotarget, Mikhail says that the old tradition that claims that aging is a process that comes from molecular damage is not true. In his recent survey, the oncologist says that there is a significant relationship that exists between aging and cancer. After the study, Mikhail advice aging individuals in the society to embrace the use of a drug known as Rapamycin. The drug is very popular, especially among the individuals who are in the oncology world.Using Rapamycin, Mikhail believes that people can significantly decrease the effects of aging on their bodies. Mikhail says that the drug increases the immunity of the human body. Although the results of the drug vary from one person to the other, the successful scientist urges that anti-aging products are a key player in cancer management. For a study to be published in Oncotarget, it has to be thoroughly checked by specialists in the industry so that it does not mislead people.

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