Michael Keaton Confronts Spectator Heckling Baseball Player

Actor Michael Keaton has been on a career renaissance since the release of Birdman and the former Batman star was enjoying life at the recent Pittsburgh Atlanta baseball game when a heckler caught his attention. The ire of the fan was not being aimed at Keaton, but was instead focused upon Pirates player Andrew McCutchen and prompted a joking Keaton into a post game response for the fan at Turner Field, Bleacher Report explains. Committed Pirates fan Keaton approached the fan who had aimed trash talk at McCutchen throughout the game and pointed at the scoreboard and the 10-8 score in favor of the Pirates after the game had ended.

Fans like Keith Mann know that the jovial exchange followed an eight inning double from McCutchen who drove in a run and followed it by placing his hand to his ear in response to the remarks of his heckler. At the close of the game the fans made up with each other and the players as the heckling fan received a pair of McCutchen’s batting gloves and Keaton a signed game ball.

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