Luke Lazarus opens up about the foundation of his success

Among the most notable startup consultants in the world is Luke Lazarus. He is based in Melbourne, and he has been working as a startup consultant for more than two decades. This celebrated startup consultant has throughout his career helped numerous businesses prosper and reach their goals.

He has achieved this by helping these companies come up with business plans and manage their growth. Moreover, Luke Lazurus has been providing the CEOs of these companies with insights on the execution of decisions. He was recently invited for an interview by where he opened up about the foundation of his success.

Telling a great story

In this interview, this iconic brand consultant revealed that the foundation of his success has been helping businesses tell a great story. He went on to state that most startups usually focus too much on the money part of business and forget the human side.

According to Luke Lazarus, the money part of any business has to work in line with its human side for it to be successful. The reason behind this is because the company will be selling people and people relate to other people, not so much to brands and companies. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

This Melbourne-based consultant mentioned that it is just amazing to see just how far a great story can take a business. Luke Lazarus pointed out that he had been successful in his career by helping startups connect with their market on a human level.

Such stories are made of entrepreneurs who in the process of solving their personal problems come up with a solution and turn it into a business and many more as inspiring as this. This startup consultant insisted that the stories have to be real; otherwise, they can bring down a company of its built on lies.

Brilliantly bringing ideas to life

Luke Lazarus went on to mention that helping businesses brilliantly bring their ideas to life has also been another foundation for his success. He stated that for any business to be successful, it must be capable of brilliantly bringing ideas to life.

According to this startup consultant, this process starts at the conception of the idea. He pointed out that it was crucial for entrepreneurs and professionals to have a good team backing them up in this. A good team that can be able to come up with industry-leading ideas that will ensure the company prospers.

Luke Lazarus said that such teams should be made up of individuals of different ages, expertise and experience. The rule of thumb for this is the team should be made up of the target market for the business. They should be able to understand the dynamics of the market and what consumers of the brand can relate to.

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