Luiz Carlos Trabuco Wins Personality Of The Year Award In Insurance

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a renowned insurance advisor who hails from Brazil. He is famous for leading Bradesco in the acquisition of a leading bank, HSBC in 2014. Under his insightful guidance, Bradesco became the proud owner of HSBC’s major shares narrowing the huge gap between some of the world’s rivals by boosting the client base of the banking firm. The contract between the two firms was signed under a regulatory approval on 31st July in the same year of acquisition.


In the contract, Bradesco is allowed to participate in asset closing with other larger rivals like Unibanco Holding. The focus of the contract was on high-earning clients who fit well into the bank’s plan when it comes to sales as well as acquisition. According to the terms of acquisition, the purchase price could fluctuate depending on different asset values of the enterprises. Another factor that could affect the valuation of Bradesco is the expected analysis. According to a report by Reuters, Bradesco had held concrete discussion with HSBC after volunteering to part with 1.2 billion.


Behind the acquisition of HSBC is the renowned business professional and insurance mogul, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He initiated the contract of acquisition as well as the terms of business. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s works speak for his input in building businesses. As a professional in insurance and banking, he has earned positive recognition from different financial sectors with insurance topping the list. Being the professional that brings unity among companies by transforming challenges into results, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was awarded as the best personality of the year in 2015. As the president of Bradesco, he has put in a lot of work to develop the business. From stability to growth, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is applauded for his input in the company.

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As a leader, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has done his best in implementing strategic policies that will grow the company. Being in charge of a leading firm for insurance in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands that the health and safety of many Brazilians lie with his ability to make constructive decisions. He, therefore, sets high standards when it comes to establishing good working rapport with clients. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is focused on providing the best for his clients. Through this focus, he has two times won the award for the best insurance executive in Brazil. His positivism as well as focus in the marketplace has played a pivotal role in creating a stellar reputation for him.


In 2007, Luiz Carlos Trabuco received an award thanks to his determination in providing the best insurance services. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been in the industry of insurance as well as banking for about 38 years. He has vast experience in banking with insurance being his forte. Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands the ropes of insurance in relation to different families in the country. That is how he has been able to tailor different plans to suit different needs. To him, clients determine the package of insurance to establish. That is why Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been winning the hearts of different people.


Through insurance sales, Luiz Carlos Trabuco ensures that all families are cared for. From health, accidents to education, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a symbol of growth in societies. He strongly advocates for fairness and optimism in different markets. With an extension of strong academic credentials, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is better placed to offer credible advice in terms of insurance. As an insurance professional, Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands that although insurance serves the same purpose for clients, the same clients have different needs. He, therefore, ensures that employers, employees as well as contractors can access affordable insurance packages.

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