Jorge Moll’s Contribution in Research Science

Jorge Moll is the director and a member of the governing board for IDOR. Jorge is a trained and qualified neurologist who is making great strides in the medical profession. He has a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. Jorge is the founder and leader of both CBNU and IDOR, which is located in Brazil. He has a vision in the research, healthcare, and education disciplines.

Through some new studies, giving is seen to benefit both recipients and the givers in terms of health and happiness. Research shows that these benefits originate from making charitable donations and volunteering time to help the needy. Some of the benefits are discussed in the article. For starters, it makes one feel happy. Through a study in 2008 by Michael Norton, the conclusion was that the initiative brings one a good feeling. In another study by Jorge Moll in 2006 together with his colleagues, they learned that when individuals donate charities, some regions of their brain which is related to pleasure, trust, and social connection makes a warm glow. These scientists believed that this behavior led to production of endorphins in the brain that are associated with good feeling. Also, it is perfect for your entire health. Much research has been done that proves that different levels of generosity makes one have a better health especially among the elderly and the sick. It therefore concluded that good health is by giving (Crunchbase). At the same time, when you give, you become more socially connected. The chances are that when one gives, they are likely to receive back even though in a different ways. When you practice giving towards others, your generosity never gets unrewarded. These exchanges bring about cooperation, trust, and strengthens the social ties between individuals. As a result, one advances greatly in their health, happiness, and even wealth. Interesting to note, giving makes one grateful due to the excitement mood created. Gratitude is key when it comes to happiness and other social bonds. Finally, it becomes very contagious when you give ( The more you give the more you affect those around you towards giving. The observers are inspired to gives as well.

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