JetSmarter is Elevating Its Customers Experience

JetSmarter made a splash when it first offered people the ability to charter a jet at an affordable price. JetSmarter C.E.O and founder Sergey Petrossov was able to accomplish this feat by arranging for the owners of private planes that were usually sitting unused in hangers, waiting to get chartered, to partner with him as his app JetSmarter made is easy for business people and individuals to book a seat on a private jet by offering memberships to customers that wanted a higher class of travel than commercial airlines. JetSmarter offset the high price by offering available seats on pre-scheduled flights to members or allowing the member to charter a private flight for an additional fee.

And now it seems that Sergey Petrossov is working on leveling up by acquiring its own branded fleet. JetSmarter is accomplishing this by working with aircraft owners. The aircraft that JetSmarter are using are luxurious, and so is the service. The aircraft have new luxury interiors, wifi, gourmet catering, and cocktails. JetSmarter has worked hard to make its branded flights an experience in comfort and luxury.

JetSmarter has been able to create its own branded fleet by working with aircraft owners who are interested in enrolling in The Owners Program. Aircraft owners can enroll their aircraft in the JetSmarter Owners Program, and JetSmarter will take over all fees for the maintenance and flights of the aircraft. This program helps owners cover some of the expenses of owning a private aircraft. Aircraft owners enrolled in the program also get the JetSmarter Owners Membership that gives them discounts and perks when flying JetSmarter.

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