Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen Shares His Stock Picking Philosophy

For the first 25 years of his career, from 1970 until 1995, Igor Cornelsen was an investment banker. He was an executive at some of Brazil’s largest banks such as Unibanco and Multibanco. He eventually transitioned to working for a London Chartered Merchant Bank, Libra Bank PLC, and move to England so that he could be on Standard Chartered Bank’s board of directors.

In 1995, Igor Cornelsen became an entrepreneur. He launched Bainbridge Investment Co. Still running this company today, he manages his own funds and those of his clients. His belief is that investors should focus on damaged stocks, not damaged companies. Damaged companies are just bad performing companies and their stock should be avoided. Damaged stocks, though, is a company’s stock that is below where it should be.

Igor Cornelsen will invest in damaged stocks and then have the patience for them to reach the value they should be at as other investors come around. Once they reach his target value he will sell and move into other companies damaged stocks. Basically, buy low and sell high is how he invests.

Igor Cornelsen says that emotion should play no role in how you invest your money. He invests from a dispassionate angle where he just sticks to the facts. He also only reads Reuters for his news because they leave opinion out of what they report. If he could say anything to his younger self it would be to ignore the investment advice he got from other investors who usually have no idea what they are talking about.

He now spends his time with his partner between Brazil, Florida, and the Bahamas which is where Bainbridge Investment is incorporated. He just works part-time nowadays and spends quite a bit of time golfing as he is passionate about that sport.

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