Iguodala Named MVP

It actually came as a surprise when Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala named MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals. Iguodala has been in the league for eleven years and going into the playoffs, no one would have thought that he would win the award. Iguodala did not even start a single game throughout the playoffs until the final series against the Cavaliers. In fact, he was moved started to the bench to make room for Harrison Barnes at the beginning of the season. It was anticipated that Barnes would bring defense against the like of LeBron James. Fans like Christian Broda know that even Las Vegas had little hope that Iguodala would win the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award as they had him at 50-1 odds.

There was great play from a few players on both teams during the finals, but no one was as consistent as Iguodala. He averaged 16 points a game and played over 36 minutes a game. Many experts expected LeBron James to be the first player since Jerry West to win the MVP award on the losing team. Some believe that the decision to put Iguodala in the starting lineup over Andrew Bogut is what sparked the team and changed the course of the series. Some will argue that James was the most dominate player in the Finals, but the award is for most valuable not most dominate and Iguodala was exactly that.

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