How Southridge Capital Has Grown Over The Past 22 Years

Southridge Capital LLC is a financial services firm with offices in Connecticut and New York. They offer investment banking, fund management, and advisory services at both of these locations. It was founded in 1996 in Ridgefield, Connecticut and it is a privately held company.

Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and chief executive officer of Southridge Capital. His role is to set the overall tone and strategic vision of this company. He also handles business development. Henry B. Sargent is the chief operating officer who is responsible for areas such as what to invest in, workouts, and the organizational structure of Southridge Capital. Narine Persaud is the chief financial officer who handles fund accounting as well as cash management. Linda Carlsen handled portfolio management duties and Laurence J. Ditkoff is responsible for evaluating investments and assisting in which ones to select for purchase.

Under Stephen Hicks leadership Southridge Capital has directly invested more than $1.8 billion into companies around the world. What his team looks for is growth companies which are poised to have increased revenues and profits in the coming years. He and his team also assist business owners with several services such as what steps they need to take to become a public company. Southridge Capital also has the expertise to come up with innovative financing techniques and can show business owners how they can effectively handle their balance sheet management in a better way. You can visit their website

Southridge has grown organically over the past 22 years for the most part, however, they have also made some important acquisitions. One of these acquisitions occurred in July 2006 when the deal was finalized for their purchase of Double Alpha for an undisclosed amount of money. Double Alpha had been in business for 12 years at the time and they also invested in global firms. At the time CEO Stephen Hicks had commented that what Double Alpha offered meshed very well with what his company was already doing and his company would be able to even better meet the needs of their investor base after the deal was closed.

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