Honey Birdette Taps Into International Markets With New Stores And Country Specific Websites

Honey Birdette is one of the most well-known lingerie brands in all of Australia and is slowly becoming a customer favorite in other parts of the world. The brand has a growing customer base in the UK and USA, which is why they set out on a plan for expansion to new markets. The brand slowly and steadily is taking on the international lingerie scene, by launching new websites and stores for the primary purpose of giving easier access to their customers in those regions.


When it comes to the United States, the way in which the company plans to expand is through the online medium. Honey Birdette launched their United States website so that their customers can have an easier experience with the band. This has made it so that the time it takes for the order to reach its customers is cut down by half, making it a lot more viable for their audiences to place orders for their lingerie.


When it comes to the UK, Honey Birdette had a different idea in mind. For their customers there, the idea was to open up physical stores in prominent locations across the country. Last year, the brand opened up its first store in Covent Garden. Within a month, they opened up two more stores across the city of London. The brand did extremely well in the UK markets, which is why they have now decided to embark on their biggest expansion yet, opening up forty stores across the UK. This is a significant step for the company and will mark their entry into the international lingerie scene. The company plans to have this plan executed by the end of 2018. So far, they have narrowed down on only half of their store locations, and are set to find more in the coming months.

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