Genucel Raises Money for Victims of Abuse

From Surviving to Thriving with Self-Esteem

Genucel by Chamonix shows there support for women of abuse by raising money, raising awareness, and giving beauty bags for women filled with Genucel products. They understand that victims of emotional or physical abuse often have lower self– esteem and it takes time to heal that reflection of one’s self. They offer help also through re-teaching necessary self-care habits.

Astounding Self-care

There are many ways to help deal with overcoming abuse once the more noted options are through self-care practices. Below is a list of some of the more common ways to approach self-care and the healing process after being abused in any form.


  • 1. Self- affirmations. These phrases can greatly increase someone’s self-worth through repeated statements and through hearing them.


  • 2. Creative Expressions. This can be done through art, music, dance, etcetera.


  • 3.Being Healthy. Through regular exercise and healthy eating habits, it has been proven to increase many areas that help with lifting self-esteem.

Strong Community Support


In the state of New Jersey, an act of domestic violence occurs approximately every seven minutes. The nonprofit organization Woman Aware has taken action into helping battered women and children and families. Each gender experiences domestic abuse, however, more cases happen that involve a woman. Do to this statistic the state feels it is necessary to raise awareness to help prevent this and to help those that have been a victim of this to speak up. They offer emergency shelters, food and recovery services for those affected. Woman Aware does a 5k and provides charity to raise money for this topic throughout the community.


I like to refer to it as nature’s magic. This is an outside gathering for individuals to connect with others that have been through similar circumstances. Also, a known fact that being connected to nature and the outdoors has been proven to help in the healing process of many mental and physical illnesses. It relieves stress, resurfaces the outside appearance of one’s self and overall lifts the health greatly. These self-care practices are helping women walk towards higher self-esteem one day at a time. Learn more about Genucel on


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