Dr Saad Saad’s medical invention

Dr Saad Saad works in Eatontown, NJ as a surgeon. He graduated from Cairo University with a medical degree, majored in surgery both pediatric and thoracic. He has been in the field for more than 20 years and has received two awards: Patient’s Choice and Compassionate Doctor Recognition. In the first award, he was voted by patients to be good in his field. The second, he was bestowed because of his kindness when dealing with patients.


As a thoracic surgeon, his major area is the lungs, oesophagus and any chest organs. As a pediatric surgeon, he deals with removal of cancer, healing congenital heart problems and performing operations on children. He is a Board-Certified surgeon in Pediatrics.


Medical practitioners are using technology to help solve certain problems in the hospital. Dr Saad Saad has operated patients for such a long time. Consequently, he came up with two inventions and improved pediatric surgical processes. His major aim was to lessen pain and minimize risks patients may have during operations. Not only does he perform his surgeries in the United States but goes outside his community. He helped children in Jerusalem and the West during a Mission and also offered services in Holy land.


Instead of using Medical catheters, he came up with a new device that does not require any machine scan. With medical catheters, X-rays or MRI is used to locate the specific position of the catheter. Medical catheters are tubes which have varied uses depending on the type. Some are used to show any surgical instruments, get rid of gases and fluids in the body and more. To locate the correct position of the catheter is, X-ray or Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine are used. Exposing the patients to X-rays radiations continuously is not safe, the machine is heavy that it cannot be carried everywhere. Due to these disadvantages, Dr Saad Saad came up with a device which detects the catheter without any X-ray or machine used. The device is small and portable hence doctors can use in ICU. The catheter can be traced using electromagnetic energy, and thus view outside of victim’s body. Because some signals are sent to the coil and magnetic material. Unfortunately, the medical catheter needs so many processes, making manufactures discouraged. But there is a company showing concern in the device and the near future; it will be used by doctors.


Dr Saad Saad also invented a suction gadget where the doctor is not interrupted when viewing patient’s body. Instead of using endoscopes, where the fluid in the patient’s body can accumulate in the lens, the device can be used. When the fluid accumulates, it has to be taken out, a tube inserted to remove the liquid. This causes an interruption to the doctor and has to trace where they were before the interruption. Endoscopes used in viewing the lungs, oesophagus and large intestine work best with the invention. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

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