Dallas Financial Services Firm Completes Large Note Offering

The financial firm Nexbank recently completed an offering of private note placement for other investors worth over $54 million. Since the year 2016, Nexbank has been able to accrue more than $283 million in equity and debt when including the close of this most recent offering. The financial institution will be using the proceeds of the offering for business operations.

The notes in the offering from Nexbank have a period of ten years before reaching full maturity. They will earn interest over five years of time at a fixed rate that is slightly over six percent. The following period of maturation will be combined with variable interest rates based on points from the most common three-month Libor rate. These notes are not callable for five years and carry terms typically will favor the corporate buyer in the long run.

The investment banking group Sandler O’Neill and Partners acted as the sole representing agent for placing the notes into privatized offering. This offering was officially closed in September of 2017. It was given an exceptional ranking by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency and is designated as Tier 2 capital. Both the Tier 2 capital designation and BBB rating are given according to the proper regulations, giving Nexbank’s offering a stable outlook for the immediate future.

Nexbank is an investment lender and financial institution that is based out of the Dallas, Texas area. The bank focuses on lending for other corporations through real estate investment, warehousing, and other services. Small businesses and corporations are able to use Nexbank when in need of commercial loans for expanding and covering costs while transitioning to a new phase. Nexbank has the personable services of a smaller institution combined with considerable capital resources of a large regional bank to meet different needs.

For real estate investors, Nexbank offers comprehensive services for property management through its group of advisers. The investor can use the services of Nexbank to reduce the cost of managing and maintaining commercial, while also increasing its resale value. A Nexbank professional can analyze the investor’s portfolio can offer various solutions related to expense control, budgeting, and the management of cash flow.

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