The Evolution of EOS Natural Lip Balm

Over the years, purchasing a lip balm was a hassle to a good number of people, partly since you had to go through different stores and shopping malls to buy one of these lip balms, which in most cases didn’t meet your expectations. Creating EOS lip balm helped a lot of people especially women who hated using some of these sticks that felt entirely medical.

Seven years ago Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubinsky after doing some research in the lip balm industry, they realized that the industry had been abandoned, and this encouraged them to create the Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm. In a short period, the product was popping up in various beauty shops and supermarkets. Beauty editors and celebrities could not get enough of EOS lip balm especially honeydew and grapefruit flavors.

EOS lip balm success was mainly driven by the demand for natural and organic products. They came up with a product that engaged all the five (5) senses which included soft round packaging, colors of orbs, the sweet smells, scrumptious flavors’, and finally, the clicking sound that the sphere made while closing.

Its prices were also fair with a single lip balm going for only $3. The business was booming and in a week’s time, the organization had sold over 1 million units. Their primary target audience was the stylish millennial women aged between 25-35. So as to market their product, the company carried out marketing ventures through magazines and television ads.

Coming up with a perfect product took quite some time, partly because the organization wanted to create something unique, and not an increment of any other product in the market. They wanted to rethink about its format and shape to favor all of their users. Rather than being just another product in the lip balm industry, the organization wanted to create an emotional connection with its consumers, hence the tagline “the lip balm that makes you smile”. For more info, visit the EOS social media pages on both Facebook and YouTube.

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