Ellis and USWNT Prepare for China

There seems to be a lot of debate as to how Head Coach Jill Ellis should have the US Women’s National Teamattack China in the quarter final round of the Women’s World Cup. Not sure what if anything the pundits believe they will gain from having the debate in the first place since it will be Ellis and the players on the field that will decide ultimately how the game is going to be played. One thing is for sure two of the team’s starters Megan Rapinoe and Lauren Holiday will be sitting out the game for have two yellow card infractions in the earlier rounds of the tournament. Both have made a significant and positive impact on how the team has played thus far and will be missed, but really the team needs some of the other stars to really shine if the team is to move further.

Namely team captain Abby Wambach who has just not been playing up to the level we have grown accustomed to seeing at says Sergio Cortes. Her headers have missed their mark and most recently she missed a penalty kick. But really they all looked out skilled against the Columbian team. They weren’t outplayed as a team, but the lack of individual skills was certainly available for viewing. At least the defense is playing the best as a core unit than any other team. Goal Keeper Hope Solo has barely had to insert her presence in this tournament so far and if this back line has anything to do with it she won’t have a huge role at all.