Ascension Ventures And Reputation Management

When a company makes a statement about a certain cause, it can provoke a minor reaction and a bit of support or opposition, depending on the cause. But generally, people will forget about it because a statement might not mean much. On the other hand, if that company invests a large sum of money into a cause, that will say something more profound. It will say that it is a cause that they believe in. Ascension Ventures recently invested over 20 million dollars in a reputation website according to this press release.

Ascension Recognizes Potential

This sort of investment is not unusual for a company such as Ascension. Ascension is known for hoisting a piece of technology on its’ back and springing it into greater success. They often raise money for upcoming innovations and make this sort of donation. They recognized that the technology in reputation management was powerful and if boosted, could yield great results in future generations. It will be exciting to see the sort of developments that are yielded by this investment.

What Is The Reputation Technology?

Ascension invested in the website known as simple Reputation Defender. They offer several features to their clients, the primary one being the surveillance of social media to ensure that nothing negative comes out on a popular website about that client. If something negative does come out, Reputation of course does not compromise their freedom of speech. But they will ensure that what they said was within the boundary of freedom of speech. After determining that it is, they will assess how to proceed to counter the statement that was made.

The technology that is required to monitor social media and search for a particular brand name is quite intimidating. But if it is successful, it will be revolutionary in branding and reputation management.

With the donation from Ascension Ventures, one can deduce a couple of truths. First, they believe that reputation management technology has a lot of potential. Second, clients can expect better service and move advanced technology as Reputation benefits from the investment that was made by Ascension.