Attorney Todd Levine On His Success Wtih Kluger and Kaplan

Miami-based attorney Todd Levine is known for utilizing his creative interests and knowledge of science to build unique strategies for defending his clients and winning case. His interests revolve around art, science, and music. Born in 1966, he was brought up in North Miami. In 1988, Tod Levine earned his B.S degree from the University of Florida and in 1991, he graduated as a lawyer from Levin College of Law, University of Florida. Throughout his career, he has received guidance and support from numerous people.



Tod Levine is the co-founder of Kluger, Kaplan and Berlin and Peretz in 1991, and worked with the firm till 2009 before he moved on to his new ventures Katzen and Levine, Kaplan and Silverman. Though being a litigation firm, it also handles cases involving family law. The firms operate from offices in Boca Raton and Minneapolis office.



The litigation firm Kluger Kaplan started off with 17 attorneys, and currently have more than 30 talented and unique attorneys working for the firm. The firm is known for taking up high-profile cases and boasts of the caliber required to win complicated cases.



An important case in Todd Levine’s career is the Sweetwater Mayor case. In the year 2016, Kluger Kaplan took up the case of Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez who was involved in an ongoing dispute with commissioners who voted for the approval of a budget and depended on $2 million generated from the sale of an unlisted property. The angry commissioners cut salaries of employees hired by Mr. Lopez.

When asked about the reason behind the success of Kluger Kaplan, Tod Levine believes that the close-bonding between the founders and the positivity at the workplace has made Kluger Kaplan a successful litigation firm since its inception in 2009.



He thinks that the attorneys especially the founding members get on with each other very well and have no differences in work ethics and the vision they share. For years they have won tough cases and the workplace environment promotes the nurturing of young attorneys. They are taught to pursue creative approaches and develop strong problem-solving skills.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A Novel That Will Change Your Perspective

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the debut novel by actor, writer and director Sean Penn. The Hollywood famous actor decided to try out a new medium with his novel. He is a very respected writer having written some of the top screenplays ever written. He enjoyed having full control over Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. He used this novel to be a voice of his personal perspective but also to be a voice for what is occurring in society.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is set in a grim, dystopian universe. The main character is Bob Honey. Bob Honey is a divorced man who works a lot of different jobs. Mainly he works for the government murdering people. He desires to be a sociable, friendly person. But being antisocial comes along with his profession and he scuffles between two different personalities he has to play.


Bob Honey in someway has a twin. The make believe character shares a lot in common with his creator. Through the character, Sean Penn’s perspective is voiced. It is fair to say they are one in the same trying to figure out the world as it changes so rapidly.


The novel discusses many different issues. Russian hacking, presidential elections, Yemen, civil wars and the #MeToo Movement are just a small handful of the many serious topics the novel touches. Throughout the novel, Bob Honey is weaving through different scenes that capture these events aiming to understand the world around him.

Sean Penn has delivered a tale with great usage of the English language. The text on the page of this novel is deep and rich with meaning. The author uses a good amount of figurative language. He creates his massive vocabulary to expose issue of gender inequality and politics. His language is thought provoking, somewhat challenging to define, but mostly a clear indication of his understanding of the English language and how Bob Honey sees the world around him.


Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a novel that cannot be forgotten easily. This is because the chapters are full of real life scenarios that cause readers to ponder about how the fiction novel does have some very actual facts. Will a sequel follow? Perhaps, a sequel will but if not, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff completely delivers a good read with an even deeper meaning and truth.

Dr Saad Saad’s medical invention

Dr Saad Saad works in Eatontown, NJ as a surgeon. He graduated from Cairo University with a medical degree, majored in surgery both pediatric and thoracic. He has been in the field for more than 20 years and has received two awards: Patient’s Choice and Compassionate Doctor Recognition. In the first award, he was voted by patients to be good in his field. The second, he was bestowed because of his kindness when dealing with patients.


As a thoracic surgeon, his major area is the lungs, oesophagus and any chest organs. As a pediatric surgeon, he deals with removal of cancer, healing congenital heart problems and performing operations on children. He is a Board-Certified surgeon in Pediatrics.


Medical practitioners are using technology to help solve certain problems in the hospital. Dr Saad Saad has operated patients for such a long time. Consequently, he came up with two inventions and improved pediatric surgical processes. His major aim was to lessen pain and minimize risks patients may have during operations. Not only does he perform his surgeries in the United States but goes outside his community. He helped children in Jerusalem and the West during a Mission and also offered services in Holy land.


Instead of using Medical catheters, he came up with a new device that does not require any machine scan. With medical catheters, X-rays or MRI is used to locate the specific position of the catheter. Medical catheters are tubes which have varied uses depending on the type. Some are used to show any surgical instruments, get rid of gases and fluids in the body and more. To locate the correct position of the catheter is, X-ray or Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine are used. Exposing the patients to X-rays radiations continuously is not safe, the machine is heavy that it cannot be carried everywhere. Due to these disadvantages, Dr Saad Saad came up with a device which detects the catheter without any X-ray or machine used. The device is small and portable hence doctors can use in ICU. The catheter can be traced using electromagnetic energy, and thus view outside of victim’s body. Because some signals are sent to the coil and magnetic material. Unfortunately, the medical catheter needs so many processes, making manufactures discouraged. But there is a company showing concern in the device and the near future; it will be used by doctors.


Dr Saad Saad also invented a suction gadget where the doctor is not interrupted when viewing patient’s body. Instead of using endoscopes, where the fluid in the patient’s body can accumulate in the lens, the device can be used. When the fluid accumulates, it has to be taken out, a tube inserted to remove the liquid. This causes an interruption to the doctor and has to trace where they were before the interruption. Endoscopes used in viewing the lungs, oesophagus and large intestine work best with the invention. Learn more:

Nick Vertucci Efforts in Creating Awareness in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry recognizes Nick Vertucci as an investor and trainer. The devoted instructor guides interested parties on acquiring, renovating, and selling properties in different market conditions. He became passionate about real estate sector in 2000 after going for a seminar with a friend. Vertucci joined property industry and was willing to understand and implement the real estate investment models.


Fortunes in Flipping provided a platform for the skilled mentor to educate realtors about the principles that he implements. His lessons are online classes, three-and four-day programs, and one-to-one tutorials to students in America. Mr. Nick Vertucci hosts a popular program on KFWB News Talk 180, Real Estate Investing Hour.


Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy


Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was started in 2013 to help students across the US achieve their real estate goals. The center aims at assisting the learners to grow professional interest in the property field. Nick believes that every candidate has the capacity and power to change their future by making wise investment decisions.


His life history acted as a motivational tool to those who feel like their current condition is permanent. Mr. Vertucci was brought up by his mother after the death of the father. He left his family house at the age of 18 and started working. Nick established a stall that dealt with computer parts. He enjoyed working on his terms and the flexibility of the business. The biggest lesson Vertucci learned from the establishment is the importance of having some savings to protect investments in trying times.


Joining real estate


From the seminar, Nick felt inspired and absorbed everything that was taught about the property industry. He started his professional in this field by acquiring knowledge. The future investor gathered information from real estate books and materials for him to set a firm foundation in his new profession. He came up with systems to boost his revenue in the sector. After accomplishing his goal of financial freedom, Vertucci set up a training facility to pass knowledge to the learners on ways to make money in selling and buying properties.


Vertucci has advanced his teachings and is now targeting the entire nation. He works on helping prospective property developers to get flipping deals, funding, and skills. Nick encourages interested persons to attend the free workshops held throughout the area to understand investment activities. Participants receive a completion letter and certificate showing the units covered to allow them to handle transaction deals.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Teamwork

With the implementation of a new technological solution, clinical can be made easier and more accurate. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America a new technological advancement has undergone with clinical. With innovation in technology the Clinical program solution helps inform without interruption. This is makes the process much more simpler. The Program provides a wide range of solutions and other alternatives during the clinical process. The idea was developed by a lot of oncologists around the world and all have inputted what would be the best solution during a clinical trial. This program helps diminish guess work by administrators in the clinical. It also helps in the deciding process future treatment regimens. Providing real time functionality, supporting clinical data from other researchers and other helpful time-efficient additives are just some of the many things that will progress the successfulness of a clinical.
At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the drive to develop technology with precision medicine of today is and always has been a goal of theirs. With an expert team of medical doctors, they begin to assess and give accurate diagnostics for treatment plans. They are unique in the fact that their doctors only treat cancer. This means that all of the doctors time and motivation is directed upon cancer treatment and working on defeating the disease with a collaborative approach. With centers across the nation, the program looks to help anyone available in the area.
The whole program provides welcoming helpful advice as well as builds relationships with the patients. Fighting cancer on as many fronts as they can, Cancer Treatment Centers of America fulfills the duty they are after. Each patient has a special battle and the program is fighting it with them.

Top Tips by Sawyer Howitt on How to Become a Racquetball Pro

     Aspiring to become a racquetball pro is an admirable goal that offers both pride and satisfaction in life. Anyone can become a pro racquetball player as long as they put in the necessary energy and time to improve their game. Only a handful of people who setup on this journey turn pro, but the sweetness of success is directly proportional to the adversity an individual overcomes.


A large number of athletes fail to undertake sufficient research before turning pro leading to disappointment. You should find your reason for aiming to become a professional in racquetball. This helps in identifying your standpoint moving forward.

Adhering to a Specific Plan

You cannot succeed in your plans of turning pro in racquetball if you do not adhere to a definite plan. Enhancing your performance requires a lot of discipline in following a specific plan for training. It might help working on your plan with an actual racquetball expert.

Finding the Best Coach and Doing the Right Workouts

You must find an excellent coach in order to become a successful racquetball professional. You should be ready to find the best coach even though it would mean relocating. Getting into a great physical shape is a critical requirement to becoming a pro racquetball player and you should strive to do the proper workouts.

Constant Practice and Finding Jobs and Sponsors

After establishing a workable plan and getting the right team to work with, you should practice constantly in order to hone your skills. Practice will allow you learn new skills and techniques to become a better player. It is advisable to find a sponsor as you require an income along the way to being a racquetball player who plays professionally. You could also become a coach as soon as you start working on becoming a pro racquetball player.

More on Sawyer Howitt

Howitt is a racquetball entrepreneurial player from Portland, Oregon. He focuses on playing racquetball ever since his childhood days. He brings his business knowledge to the racquetball court and this has propelled him to the professional status he currently holds. He works at Meriwether Group as the project manager. He previously used to work for KURE Juice Bar and RFID Checkout.



Honey Birdette Taps Into International Markets With New Stores And Country Specific Websites

Honey Birdette is one of the most well-known lingerie brands in all of Australia and is slowly becoming a customer favorite in other parts of the world. The brand has a growing customer base in the UK and USA, which is why they set out on a plan for expansion to new markets. The brand slowly and steadily is taking on the international lingerie scene, by launching new websites and stores for the primary purpose of giving easier access to their customers in those regions.


When it comes to the United States, the way in which the company plans to expand is through the online medium. Honey Birdette launched their United States website so that their customers can have an easier experience with the band. This has made it so that the time it takes for the order to reach its customers is cut down by half, making it a lot more viable for their audiences to place orders for their lingerie.


When it comes to the UK, Honey Birdette had a different idea in mind. For their customers there, the idea was to open up physical stores in prominent locations across the country. Last year, the brand opened up its first store in Covent Garden. Within a month, they opened up two more stores across the city of London. The brand did extremely well in the UK markets, which is why they have now decided to embark on their biggest expansion yet, opening up forty stores across the UK. This is a significant step for the company and will mark their entry into the international lingerie scene. The company plans to have this plan executed by the end of 2018. So far, they have narrowed down on only half of their store locations, and are set to find more in the coming months.

Ricardo Tosto

When it comes to the legal field, you always need to be sure that you find an advocate that is able to provide you the type of representation that you need. He is an attorney that has been practicing law in Brazil for years and currently practices in the civil field. Whenever you need an attorney that offers great service, you will need to do your research and learn the ins and outs of the work that they provide to the best of your ability. By taking advantage of this information, you’ll learn all that you need to know about Ricardo Tosto, so that you can make the right hire.

What areas of law does Ricardo Tosto specialize in?

Ricardo Tosto specializes in the areas of commercial law related to banking, politics and credit. He also practices business related criminal law. There have been a number of people who have relied on his legal expertise for everything from human resources to debt restructuring. She is one of the most credible attorneys in Brazil and his credentials speak for themselves.

What are his credentials?

Ricardo Tosto Is an attorney that practices at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, where he is also a partner and cofounder. He is an accredited international Bar Association member who is also a member of the Brazilian Bar Association. In addition to day-to-day legal work, Ricarado Tostos regularly hits the speaking circuit for lectures and is an accomplished political writer. Understanding these credentials allows you the opportunity to feel confident whenever you are reaching out to an attorney to help you with your legal work. By reaching out to him, you will know that you are in capable hands.

Think about these tips, so that you can get the legal representation any time that you require help with commercial law or any other area of business civil law. Any time that you take advantage of this information, you’ll have a head start when it comes to hiring him for his high quality legal services. Take heed to these tips and touch base with Ricardo Tosto so that you have the help that will serve you.

Sawyer Howitt Racquetball’s Future Star

     According to the article on Sawyer Howitt and becoming a professional like him, there are several steps towards becoming a professional and it is not easy. Racquetball is very challenging physically and very few succeed in becoming a pro. It all starts with doing research and dedicating to a plan. It is best to work with a professional to help make sure your plan to ensure that you can achieve your goals. Also, having a good coach is necessary for success. Next, you need to find the appropriate workouts to do, continue practicing, and then it is on to finding sponsors and a job that will not take away from the critical time needed to practice.

Sawyer Howitt is from Portland, Oregon. Most of his tournaments were in 2015. Since most of his experience is from high school racquetball, Sawyer has not done enough to be ranked in professional racquetball. He is an up and coming professional that is said to have amazing potential. It is believed that he will represent the United States in the Men’s Racquetball Olympics very soon.

Sawyer is the son of the founder of Meriwether Group. He has plenty of potential in the racquetball world though. He could play men’s singles, men’s doubles, and possibly even mixed doubles. All of his matches have been men’s singles though. If this man can continue his hard work we will be hearing his name associated with racquetball champions in no time. He is doing plenty of hard work for the Racquetball club of Portland right now.

For more, please visit

Talos Energy Becomes First Foreign Oil Drilling Operator in Mexico since 1938

Over the past eighty years, Mexico has not allowed foreign companies to drill for oil off of its shores, as the country nationalized oil in 1938.. However, on May the 30th, a private company gained a well in Mexican waters, a joint venture between Premier Oil of London, Talos Energy from Houston and Sierra Oil & Gas, from Mexico. The well, called Zama-1, holds an estimated 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil, a huge amount. A geological analyst from Edison Investment Research said that the structure of the well gives it a “high geological chance of success,” which is key in today’s oil industry after dozens of well-publicized accidents.

The implications of this development on the Mexican market are potentially huge for the Mexican market. It represents a big potential win for foreign oil companies as well as private Mexican companies, and an analyst for Cannacord Genuity called Zama-1 “one of the most interesting exploration wells” of the year.

Talos Energy
Houston-based Talos Energy owns a 35% stake in the venture, behind only Premier Oil, and are also the operators of the well. They are a private oil and gas company focused primarily on oil in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Founded in 2012, they are backed by Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings LLC, who awarded Talos $600 million dollars at the company’s inception.

In 2013, Talos acquired Helix Energy Solutions Group subsidiary Energy Resource Technology Gom, Inc (ERT). This represented a major acquisition, as ERT’s assets represented 16,155 barrels of oil per day in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos is strongly committed not only to meet the global demand for oil, but also to conduct their drilling in ways that are environmentally friendly and safe for their workers. Talos’ Commercial Manager for Mexico, was last year named an Oil & Gas Investor Thirty under 40 thanks to Talos’ role as the first foreign drilling operator in Mexico since 1938.

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