The Player We Are Looking for-Who Never Existed

The 2016 US OPEN marks another major championship where the player we are looking for in the field is nowhere to be found. Every time golf’s biggest stages come around there is a hope, though now almost completely faded, that we might see the same golfer perform that last won the nation’s open in 2008. Tiger Woods is in the field, yes, but he is not the player we are looking for. And thats not because of the car crash, the injuries, and the record high scores. The problem is not even with Tiger—the problem is with us. The player we are all looking for is a player that never existed. An athlete we believed to be relatively flawless, immune to age, able to take down the world’s best players on one leg, and able to spin his public words to make us believe just as much. Tiger certainly helped cast this image of perfection. His performance was unmatched and his record as little tarnished as any says ServiceMesh CEO Eric Pulier. But the tiny glimpses of tarnish are what we overlooked. There were some, and that is enough. The truth revealing light of time finally shown enough to reveal, that Tiger—like all of us, is imperfect. The golfer we are looking for never existed, and never will.