Why CEO Andy Wirth is so Passionate

If you were to spend just a short time with CEO Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the you would discover that he is very passionate about the mountain, the ski resort and what the future holds for the entire region.

In fact, he is so passionate about the future of Squaw Valley that you would soon get excited too. He foresees a better way of life for the people of the valley. His recent appointment to the airport board shows that others are catching his vision for the area. In order to make his dreams for the area a reality, he has recently increased the pay for those working under him and instituted numerous changes at the ski resorts allowing others to share his passion for the mountain.

Andy’s passion is also seen in the respect that he pays to the mountain. He first traveled the mountain as a young child skiing and hiking alongside his grandfather. From that tender age, he understood that if he took care of the mountain that it would provide his livelihood and the livelihood of many other people. Therefore, before he makes any decision, he considers the environmental impact that his decision will have on the mountain.

Some people misread Andy’s passion. He is so determined to make the changes necessary to bring a better life to the people of the area. For example, he is very determined to see the gondola built connecting Alpine Valley and Squaw Valley because he knows that it will benefit everyone involved. He is also determined that those less fortunate than himself enjoy a better quality of life. It is because of that determination that he survived the skydiving accident that almost took his life. It is also that determination that sees him holding numerous events at Squaw Valley for the disabled. It is that determination that allowed him to be named Disabled Athlete of the Year. It is the same determination that keeps him training hard for ironmen contests.

Andy Wirth comes across to others as being single-minded and he admits that they might be right. His passion lies in doing all within his ability to protect and improve a way of mountain life that very few other people get to enjoy. He is passionate about sharing his hopes and dreams with all who come across his path.