Drew Madden’s Stellar Contribution to the Healthcare IT Sector

Technology has become an essential aspect of several sectors in the 21st Century. It plays an indispensable role in facilitating important processes such as the collection and storage of data, the analysis of such data, and general information transmission. The Healthcare realm is one of the sectors that have embraced Technology. This has significantly bolstered the quality of services that they offer to their patients.

Drew Madden is one of the most astounding personalities who have contributed tremendously to the field of Healthcare Information Technology (Healthcare IT). His exceptional proficiency in this field can be attributed to his remarkable educational background and the vast experience that he has. Drew Madden is an alumnus of the University of Iowa where he graduated with a BSE in Industrial Engineering in 2002.

Drew Madden’s résumé speaks for itself as he has been at the helm of myriad healthcare institutions in which he has nurtured and developed his proficiency in Healthcare IT. He began his career as a Senior Epic Consultant of Ingenix Consulting in 2006 before joining the renowned Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. where he served as President. Drew Madden is the Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Drew Madden has greatly specialized in Healthcare Information Technology, and has always envisaged refurbishing EMR Projects through managing, optimizing, implementing and advising them on a series of aspects. He has achieved tremendous success in this field due to his exquisite ability to fuse his project management skills with his firm technical EMR background. This has enabled him become one of the most renowned Healthcare IT experts who have been instrumental in building formidable epic implementation teams.

Drew Madden has exuded spectacular leadership skills that have been manifested greatly by the overwhelming developments and accolades that companies have attained during his tenure. During his reign at Nordic Consulting Partners, the number of employees grew from 10 to over 500. Additionally, the annual revenue of the company spiked to more than $130 million dollars. Moreover, the company also achieved a series of accolades including the 2012 AND 2014 KLAS Awards.