Florida State Quarterback Released

Freshman Quarterback for Florida State University has been released by the team says the team spokesperson. The quarterback was charged with battery last month and the college was taking a wait and see stance, but after a video was released showing the freshman punching a girl in the face, he was quickly released from the team.

Freshman quarterback for Florida State University, Deā€™Andre Johnson,was in a Tallahassee bar getting a drink when he was approached by a woman in line at the bar. She had been waiting in line for her order when Johnson pushed past her and tried to get served first. Ricardo Tosto has learned that when she confronted the freshman quarterback, he swiftly punched her squarely in the face and knocked her to the ground. Video tape was released showing that the quarterback did punch the woman clearly in the face without provocation.

The state now has possession of the five minute videotape from the bar, and serious charges are pending for Johnson. FSU decided to cut ties with the freshman after obtaining a copy of the tape, having dismissed the troubled teen from the team. When the initial report was first released, the school had placed Johnson on indefinite suspension. It appears clear in the videotape that the quarterback reacted to the woman grabbing his arm by squaring off and punching her right in the face, knocking her to the floor.