OneLogin Lives Up To Its Name

Manufacturers face two significant challenges when growing their enterprise. First, they must manage the diverse portfolio of applications and users. Also, they must address security and compliance risks that come with a broader variety of users. OneLogin suggests four things security and IT teams need to keep in mind when developing a plan for identity and access management.

Access to company networks, apps, and data are available to users through an array of extended enterprises. Manufacturers have more complex systems with various partners and vendors working from numerous locations making it difficult to consolidate information. With so much external use, it is critical to establish a system for distributing access and permissions.

The key to expanding enterprises is balancing security and usability. An unprepared manufacturer could suffer data breaches, disruption of critical systems, and lose user productivity by not prioritizing safety. Most data breaches are the result of weak, stolen, or unsafe user credentials. The sensitive data that manufacturers possess can be a target for cyber attacks. Manufacturers are more likely to deal with phishing attacks than any other industry, and a data breach can cost up to $450,000, a costly charge that can be distracting.

Traditional identity management is another costly charge. Users often forget their passwords and slow down productivity as well as IT due to password reset requests. OneLogin suggests using a single Identity and Access Management platform which is much more cost-effective.

OneLogin is a leading identity management single sign-on vendor that offers speed and security to complex enterprises. Their identity management solutions can be installed in just a few hours and provide all you need in one place, a full administrative and self-service portal. OneLogin offers instant access to apps such as Office365, GSuite, AWS and Workplace which all users can engage with just one click. Also, real-time offboarding provides for the protection of corporate data. Safety and productivity are ensured on any device when using OneLogin, and they have made it cheaper to do so.