Yeonmi Park’s walk to freedom

Ever dreamt of a day you will wake up with no freedom, yes freedom to expression, freedom to watch movies, freedom to conduct business, freedom to wear anything you want; I mean freedom. On waking up one day, her dad was arrested for selling metals to china. As such her future was sold to the dogs. She had no hopes of ever seeing her father. Life a prisoner’s daughter was hell. She remembers the isolation she felt. She could not even whisper lest the birds and the mice listen to her words and report them. That was the life of Yeonmi Park a North Korean defector as well as an activist who believes in freedom of the northern Korean people. Kim has an ordeal that I can’t imagine happened in this 21st century where people are enlightened. When human rights are universal and everyone is expected to exercise them to the letter. Park cannot remember playing with her childhood friends as a young girl thanks to the rule of Kim Jong the North Korean dictator who rules with the hands of a scorpion. Together with her mother, in 2007, they set out to walk to the promised land of freedom. A journey that makes me shed drops and drops of tears I can only imagine that at thirteen I was in school leading a normal life. On the other side of the world, Park was pursuing freedom. At the borders of china there are positioned guards that are supposed to shoot anyone who tries to escape. It was by lady lucks smile that park and her mother knew someone who helped them to escape. While in china, things got worse. A man tried to rape Park; however, her mother could not stand such pain of seeing her only child undergoing physical abuse. She offered herself in the place of park. The two were later o sold into human trafficking. Park says that she has never imagined that like goods human beings had a price tag. She became a mistress to the man who ‘bought ‘them in order to ever see her father again. Her joy was short-lived because her father passed on some few days later after being diagnosed with cancer. She remembers vividly the night was cold and had to bury her father’s ashes all alone because there was no one to call or tell that her father had passed on. Still in pursuit of human dignity and freedom park and her mother resolved to move out of china. At a tender age of 15 together with her mother and other three people they walked across the Gobi desert with the help of the compass and the northern stars. It was chilling cold but the thirst for freedom kept them moving. Contrary to the thought that the northern Korean citizens are brainwashed, stupid loyalists as well as backward; the truth is that in North Korea there is no freedom of self-thoughts. There are guards everywhere who tell even what to watch. It’s only a few like Park who have defied fear to speak out about the brutal and aggressiveness the people face.