A Firm Decision Not To Incorporate Olympic Valley

Lake Tahoe has had its share of up and downs. In 2015 it experienced a drought which took a took a toll in the area. Then to top it off, there was some friction over incorporating Olympic Valley. This area is where Squaw Valley Resort and other skiing areas are located. Even Andy Wirth had to admit, they last couple of years were difficult.

Andy Wirth the Chief Executive Officer and president of Squawk Valley Ski Holdings, LLC said the resort had to open much earlier than was expected after the storm and cold air arrived early. He felt relieved when the incorporate group withdrew their petition. He also knew it would not have been a good fit for the area. Wirth also said that if the deal went through, taxes would have increased for the businesses and residents, and Olympic Village would have been too far away. This plan would have been disastrous for all.

Squawk Valley Ski Holdings, LLC spent a large sum, fighting the incorporating deal. Meanwhile, the incorporation group said, Ski Valley was afraid to be questioned by the town council and went to Placer County Board Of Supervisor to handle the land issue. The group also said that Squaw Valley didn’t want the residents making any decision. Wirth also noted that the incorporation group sent a huge sum too. But, they still were not able to have things done in their favor.

The California Local Agency Formation Committee came to a decision that the idea of incorporation would not benefit the area financially. Wirth knows that the people and businesses in the area love the community. He also would like for them to come together and work on the issue of transportation, and any other issue they may have, because they know what’s the best plan for the community.

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