How Whitney Wolfe is Changing the Dating Interface

Bumble app-based dating was co-founded by Whitney Wolfe who was also the co-founder of Tinder. What makes the app cool is the fact that the user interface is not chunky and complicated and it’s easy to use. Both men and women can swipe the app, but the women are the only people who can start the conversation giving them power. Twenty-four hours is given from the time the conversation start before the connections disappear entirely. For individuals who are engaged in the same-sex relationship, either party can start the conversation giving both sides power.

Whitney Wolfe, who is the co-founder of Bumble app, was born and raised in Utah until the age of nearly eleven years. She and her family decided to move to pairs, but she went back to Utah to complete her High school education. After high school, Whitney Wolfe joined SMU Dallas Texas where she majored in International Relationships after being rejected by a marketing/advertising school. Regardless of being rejected, she didn’t let the rejection determine her future as she has always been identified as a marketing genius by various outlets such as Bloomberg. Ever since she was small, she always had the passion for helping people.

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While still in college, due to her interest in business, Whitney Wolfe started two companies. The first firm was “Help Us Project” that was non organization firm that was inspired by the BP oil spills. She had partnered with Patrick Aufdenkam in her first company. The firm became famous, and it later proceeded to benefit the Ocean Futures Society. The second firm was a clothing line, and she still partnered with Aufdenkam. The clothing line, Tender Heart, was being produced in Nepal with the aim of raising awareness of human trafficking. After she had graduated, she spent nearly six months in Cambodia and Northern Thailand orphanages helping in any service needed. She later joined a marketing and sales team, Cardiff, but later left after it failed to pick up. Whitney Wolfe decided to reunite with Andrey Andreev who was a world-renowned businessman and founded Bumble.

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