Genucel – an aid in the fight against winter skincare blues

The winter months are now upon us. It brings harsh winds and freezing temperatures that can cause havoc to our skin. It robs us of vital moisture and leaves dry cracking skin. This condition causes discomfort in the form of itchy flaky skin. Unfortunately, the dryness becomes more harmful as we age, so year after year we fight this drying battle. This article provide tips that will help combat winter skincare blues.

Tip 1. Drink plenty of water. As we age we loose elasticity in our skin which can cause unwanted wrinkles. Providing moisture from the inside is a key factor in the war on dryness and signs of aging. Not only do water help provide hydration, it also helps the body flush unwanted toxins from the body. It is a good idea to keep a bottle of water nearby to assist in getting your recommended daily intake.

Tip 2. Invest in a quality humidifier. Humidifiers add moisture to a room that has been robbed of its moisture by a home’s heating system. They are a great source to add good humidity back into the room. Take care to monitor the moisture and humidity level in the home so as not to encourage mold.

Tip 3. Dial down acne treatments. Acne treatment work by absorbing the natural oils from your skin which prevents the skin from over producing the oils that can cause acne. During the winter months it is advised to tone down or eliminate the use of these products. Talk to your dermatologist to discuss the best treatment for your skin.

Tip 4. Protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. Choose clothing that will not leave the skin exposed to the cold elements of nature. Wear gloves, scarves and hats when going out into the open air.

Tip 5. Include Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy in your skincare regimen. Genucel treatment is an anti-aging treatment system that combat the signs of aging. This system helps promote youthful and vibrate skin.

Winter do not have to be the death of your skin. Fight back by following these few tips and you will continue to look your best. So go enjoy those winter festivities and feel confident that you have the necessary tools to beat old man winter at his own game.