Online Shopping Problems And Visual Search Solutions From Slyce

Slyce is a well known application that is offering consumers new choices for their online shopping needs that they just can’t resist. Consumers are tired of the traditional methods of online shopping because they are seeing terrible recommendations pop up on their screens that seem irrelevant to their lives. Slyce does not take kindly to this at all. They have decided to make big changes to the ways that we view online shopping, and the consumers who use their services are appreciative of them. Consumers are seeing better recommendations based upon their recent searches, and when a product is out of stock, the Slyce platform is ready to suggest a good alternative.

One of the main reasons why Slyce is ahead of other visual search companies is because they have artificial intelligence solutions that are conducting the searches, but they also have a human counterpart that checks over what the AI is doing. The human counterpart acts like a special shopping assistant. Slyce’s users love to have this human component available to them. Users open up Slyce’s application, and they can see the chat menu right there, so if they have any questions about their search, then they can contact a member from Slyce’s team post haste.

Visual Search News

In a recent article from Live Mint, a consumer actually shares what she feels is happening in the online shopping community. This is news to many of us who have been involved in the visual search community, but it makes sense. This consumer tells us that she is tired of seeing terrible recommendations. She is referring to the traditional methods of online shopping, of course. She also complains that the sizes are wrong for her purchases. Visual search companies can solve both of these problems with their sophisticated image recognition software and accurate recommendations.

At the same time as helping the consumer, most visual search companies are assisting retailers with their analysis of current trends. Visual search companies are taking the data they collect to major retailers who keep track of their stock, and these companies try to anticipate which was the trends will go in order to accommodate the demand of their users.