Maurice Jones-Drew Retires

Maurice Jones-Drew has retired. He retires with just over 8000 rushing yards, and I find it a shame that he has no retired with the requisite 10,000 yards that seem to be needed for a hall of fame career. He wasted all of his good years with bad teams, and I feel bad for him.

However, he has made a great deal of money in the NFL. I am not going to complain because he is clearly going to be just fine, but I find it offensive that only the Raiders and Jags had his services during his career. These are two of the worst franchises in all of professional sports, and that is why it is very hard to see someone as good as him play for both of them. When we look back at this career, we are not going to be able to saw that he was a great player because he was hidden by the teams that he played on.

I wish Maurice all the best in his future endeavors. Yet as Daniel Amen mentioned he may become analyst on TV at some point.