Many large enterprises are now developing a new interest in the New York City luxury real estate sector. This industry has been subjected to many changes in the previous years which have caused the high prices that are now in place. It was anticipated that prices in the New York real estate would go up. This became the sole reason for the increased interests in this sector. The high rates have motivated many of the companies that are now entering the real estate sector in New York. However, there are other national plans which aim at uplifting the local brokerage companies in the real estate sector in New York. Brokers are now expected to up their game and stay self-sufficient in their practices. Marketing is to take a new dimension with such expectations being made to brokerage companies. The self-sufficiency that is expected to be seen in real estate broking companies is for them to understand their networks better.

Town residential company is a brokerage and property marketing company that deals majorly on real estate marketing. The company was founded by Heiberger in 2010 and the growth that it has recorded for that time is impressing. Town Residential is now among the real estate brokerage companies that can get recognition in New York. The owner of this company founded another real estate company which is now ten years old and has been the motivating factor behind the growth of Town Residential’s founding.

Town residential depend on the cash buyers as its established client network. This company has over 800 agents who take the biggest part of the commission. The company recently considered investing near the city. This, therefore, implied that it would limit its investment in the suburbs. The same factor has driven this that the company is reliant on the cash buyers. This lot of buyers is now moving towards the city whereby they want to be near to their children and grandchildren. Town residential company is taking full advantage of its loyal client base, and its established network to bring out the best from the New York real estate company.