PSI Pay: the Easiest Way to Pay

PSI pay is a company regulated by the United Kingdom’s FCA, this company began in 2007 with aspirations to change the way we pay for goods. Buyers can charge their purchases via mobile phone, and now that PSI pay has partnered with Kerv Wearables, you can make payments with their exclusive one of a kind ring. A ring that comes in twelve different sizes and are tailored for males and females. Kerv rings are waterproof and resilient to wear and tear. The contactless payments via mobile phone and rings have launched globally. All the consumer has to do to complete a purchase, is simply tap their mobile phone or ring to the sales terminal. This process is unlike bank cards by not requiring a pin number or signature of sale. PSI pay’s transactions are made to be secure by using the NFC or RFID technology. PSI pay and Kerv have proven to be a safer way to buy as for not all of your information is written in the open like a bank card. When using contactless pay always be sure to have a lock code on your phone to ensure safety. So if your mobile device did get stolen no purchases would be able to be made, again, unlike someone who could take your bank card and immediately being able to spend your money. Also making purchases online is safer than using a bank card since your phone is linked to a secure third party (PSI Pay). So the website will not get any information that is unneeded. When purchasing a Kerv ring, be sure to buy the correct size and only take it off if you have to, in your own home. PSI Pay has changed the way we use our phones and banking, with use of these ways to spend money, we can experience a safer and easier way we make purchases.

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