What Betsy DeVos Has in Mind for the Future of Public Education in the USA

For those who have seen Betsy Devos in the news, the US Education Secretary has been working hard towards education reform. While many have called her a polarizing figure in politics, she has certainly made a name for never backing down from an interview. She has consistently talked to reporters and educators, hoping to make it more clear what she wants to do with educational choice.


There are many who don’t like her policies, mainly because they claim that she will use public funding for private education. However, that’s not the case according to Devos who went on “60 Minutes” last year to talk about it with reporter Leslie Stahl. During the interview, they discussed several policies that Devos had proposed and which ones had been successful so far. There has been little movement on these policies since she has taken office, and so Devos is looking forward to getting more states on board with educational choice.


She has said that her goal is to place students first, and she hopes that educators can see that. She also talked about why people thought that public funding would be used for private education, and she said that people who think that simply don’t understand the policy. This is because Devos has been working on education reform for many years. She has seen how it can be successful in states like Florida and Louisiana.


In fact, many students in Florida have the best education options. They don’t have to go to the school where they are zoned if they want to go to a magnet program or private school. There are even more options today than there were before for these students. They can now choose to go to a homeschool program, charter school, virtual school, or other school defined under the educational choice policy.


Students in Florida are also lucky because they have a tuition-based scholarship program. While students have to be accepted into the program, it allows low income parents to get a better education for their kids. Many students are now able to go to schools that have a better curriculum that don’t use common core math.


Devos continues to work with educators, but she is finding it difficult to get these policies instituted into other states. Most famous, she had a difficult time getting bills passed in her home state of Michigan. However, there are other issues facing Devos now, such as school safety reform. Ever since 2018, she has been working with schools to improve campus security. She helped schools change their policies and beef up security before the 2018-2019 school year.


Devos will continue to work with state education leaders, hoping to bring more educational choice options to other states by 2020.


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Betsy DeVos Reaches Across Political Divide For Education Reform

If you were to talk about education reform in a general way, the majority of people you met would assume that you were talking about progressive politicians. The truth is, for a long time there weren’t any prominent conservative positions on the evolution and reformation of public education. This all changed in 2016 after the November Presidential Election. President Donald Trump decided that he needed an outsiders view on the world and he chose to nominate Betsy DeVos in order to serve as his Secretary of Education.


Betsy DeVos is a political outsider and reformer and someone who has spent her entire life working to make changes in the most grandiose ways possible on the subjects that matter. Betsy DeVos has spent her entire adult life working tirelessly in order to fix the problems related to public schooling. Specifically, Betsy DeVos is focused on finding ways to implement school choice programs in facilities throughout the nation. This conservative platform, school choice, is a concept that Betsy DeVos is almost single-handedly responsible for making so popular around the country.


What school choice is, is relatively simple. School choice is an argument that was initially made by Milton Friedman almost 50 years ago. Friedman wrote a paper titled ‘The Role Of Government In Education’ and in that paper he touted the importance of the personal rights of American citizens to have their children educated in the way that they see fit. Betsy DeVos first read Friedman while attending college and she has since committed her life and her work toward spreading his concepts around.


School choice is essentially a conservative argument for pushing federal funds toward the support of private schooling institutes and facilities. Instead of solely funding public schools, Betsy DeVos believes that parents should have the right to send their children to private institutes or to voucher programs while still getting some of the support that is part of paying taxes. This position seems reasonable on the surface and conservatives have circled their wagons around the idea.


Still, we are living in divided political times and any push toward reformation spearheaded by a major political party is no doubt going to be met with serious opposition. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has already established herself as having an iron constitution and with the support of the GOP and President Trump behind her, school choice might finally become a reality in schools all across the country.


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Meet the Man Who Values Intellectual Rights, Professor Kamil Idris

Being from Sudan, Kamil Eltayeb Idris was born in 1954 in August and has served at WIPO as the Director-General for a decade from1997 to 2008. He is a renowned global civil servant, a scholar and a proud citizen of his country.

Professor Kamil Idris is well educated where he went to Khartoum University in Sudan for his Bachelors in Law, Cairo University in Egypt for BA in Political Science and Philosophy, Ohio University in the United States for Master in International Law and Affairs, and the University of Geneva in Swiss for Doctorate in International Law. He has received several honoraria like from Franklin Pierce Law Center and Indira Gandhi National Open University based in India.

Professor Kamil Idris has been on the forefront of enforcing IP rights from his vast experience in WIPO. Recently, he published an article of how the United States is pressuring China to get serious on intellectual rights. According to Professor Kamil, most of the manufacturers in China just copied their goods from Western world specifically from the U.S. making many manufacturers in the West fold up their business.

This has raised eyebrows to the Trump’s administration hence announcing a hefty tariff of $100 billion on Chinese exports. Some experts say that Trump is fighting hard and not smart while others believe that this move will put pressure on China. Nevertheless, China doesn’t want trade wars thus believing that there is something the current government can do to resolve this intellectual rights theft. It is a sure thing that the whole issues surrounding IP theft is almost having a solution and perhaps that’s why Trump is fastening the whole process.

Most of the governments and organizations across the globe have shown their support for the work that is being done by WIPO and is continually joining them in their annual celebrations that are held on 26th April. Despite celebrating the creativity of people, they also celebrate the IP rights that enable the creativity to see the light without being stolen. It is on this day that WIPO honors inventors, artists and various people who have shown an unassailable level of innovation and creativity while assuring them that they are there to protect their work and talents.

End Citizens United campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United has been supportive toward the transparency and the integrity of the campaign finance. It was established in early 2015 as committee to check the political actions. End Citizens United achieve its role by looking the impacts of the campaign finance reforms. It is a non-profitable organization and gets funding through donations.

End Citizens United have been in the forefront in bringing to light the candidates, press, voters and elected leaders who use public finance for their interest. The group also reveals political candidates who buy votes so that they can secure positions in the government. Lack of integrity in the campaign finance makes the legal team fill litigation to the court for justice. End Citizens United fights with billionaires who are politicians and bring them to justice due to their rigid political systems. The organization doesn’t give room to candidates who use the money to buy off the election. Moreover, End Citizens United ensures the election and campaign finance team are neutral regardless of the political parties.

The group aims at eradicating the use of unlimited cash in politics and putting to an end the dark money. The goals and the objective of the organization will only work if the citizens elect pro-reform leaders. If the citizens use their constitutional rights to practice the real political power and address the issue of money in politics, the country will be in good shape and, the mission of the End Citizens United will be accomplished.

To overturn Citizens United, the group support campaign finance reforms in all its endeavors. End Citizens United work handily with the Democratic Party and its candidates who are faced with financial attacks from donors and people with their special political interest. Without the help of the End Citizens United who fights for the rights of the citizens, the political leaders can easily be manipulated by the power of money. The group supports Democrats because of their interest in people and their agenda to bring changes to the nation when they are elected. Democrats believe and serve according to the will of the citizens. They dedicate their time and services to their fellow Americans.

It will be fair for the independent voters to support leaders who are committed to reforms just like Republicans. Campaign finance system should not be like a trade it should be from one heart with no strings attached. The organization urges donors to contribute to the nation change but not for their good. End Citizens help in suggesting the flag bearers who have the democratic power to restore and overturn Citizens United. They are collecting funds for 2018 Congressional elections, and they are aiming to raise $ 35 million for the campaigns

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