George Soros Is Still Committed To Fight Against Donald Trump

Billionaire investor George Soros has been on the political forefront recently and has spent millions of dollars in an attempt to help get Hillary Clinton elected as president on Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful but they are not deterred. George Soros and some of his other allies have been meeting and regrouping to further their efforts against Donald Trump. There was a closed door meeting regarding the large sums of money that were still available for the fight against the current president-elect. The meeting was held in Washington at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. In attendance were many liberal groups and unions.

The meeting at dealt with a variety of topics ranging from the upcoming elections in the next couple of years, to how to derail Donald Trumps new 100-day plan that is intended to undo much of what Barack Obama had accomplished during his eight years in the White House. This club has been called the Democracy Alliance and the members have help to shape the way the party and the left and general has come to evolve over the years. Goerge Soros has had a major part in actively participating and pushing for reform. He has donated not only huge amounts of money but just as much time and effort to see that the party keeps evolving and becoming successful in its endeavors.

Even though Hillary Clinton received the majority of the popular vote on Biography, she still lost to Donald Trump based on the electoral college. George Soros has regrouped himself and has dug in to help create ways to thwart Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine the country and all of the progress that has been achieved in the last several years. George Soros views Donald Trump as a threat to the American way of life and has been quite vocal in protesting all of his proposed policies.