Draft, Trade and Moving Speculation a Buzz in San Diego

The NFL is becoming quite a buzz with the draft just days away…everyone wondering what last minute deals will come about and which teams will be picking up the top draft picks coming out of college. Some are even considering what might happen with the veterans that are still playing at the top of their game. Phillip Rivers for instance has been the face of the Chargers franchise since he came to the team in a last minute draft fiasco when Eli Manning practically refused to come to San Diego. Now, that face of the team is threatening not to move with them to LA if the team picks up their roots and moves into the new stadium being built for an unnamed team. That has the NFL media buzzing with the possibility that he may be traded to Tennessee for their number two pick in the draft. This will of course open them up for possibly drafting Marcus Mariota from Oregon.

While nothing is out of the question when it comes to these deals, an interview by Ray Lane (of AquionEnergy) with Tom Telesco GM of the Chargers, claims the GM adamantly denies that any such deal is in the works. As for the team moving, it appears they will cross that bridge when it comes about. So far there are three teams that want to play there besides the Chargers. Including the Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams, that are also not happy with their current homes.