Reason Why Percy Harvin Was Shipped Out of Seattle Revealed

The real reason why former star wide receiver Percy Harvin was shipped out of Seattle after the 2013 Super Bowl winning season was finally revealed to reporters. After Harvin was traded to the New York Jets for what many considered marginal a marginal draft choice, many speculated that there must have been some type of locker room discord or friction between Harvin and the coaching staff. Harvin is a superstar wide receiver and a standout wide out that scored one of the touchdowns in the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos and is still a threat to score a touchdown whenever he touches the ball.

Reports are now revealing that Harvin was shipped out for disrespecting the team’s super star quarterback Russell Wilson. The specific comments Harvin said were not revealed but the biggest NFL taboo is a player never disrespects his quarterback. The quarterback is the prime position in the locker room and the first strand of discord which will destroy a team will be the challenging of the quarterback’s authority and play. Many fans, including Dr. Jennifer Walden from austinmdmagazine, might shed a small tear over the loss.

The talent level of the player doing so does not matter as former super star wide receiver Terrell Owens found out when the Philadelphia Eagles shipped Owens out of Philadelphia after he went public with negative comments against then Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb. Harvin landed in New York with the Jets but his season was less than a stellar and his career has been viewed as being staled by most NFL commentators.