The Secret to Agera Energy

Many companies stagnate after reaching a significant point of success. Agera Energy stands out as one which continues moving upward regardless of their level of success. They work passionately every day, using all their efforts in order to ensure their consumers are provided with nothing but the best. It is this sort of devotion that keeps people buying products and pushing the economy forward; so, in essence, Agera Energy is not only working to improve the world but also the world’s economy.

Agera Energy hopes to educate consumers and, with the knowledge they provide, empower them. Rather than watch the world from the sidelines, they have decided to enter the marketplace of energy supply, hoping to change it for good. Homeowners tend to expend the most amount of their money on energy; as such, it has become a top-of-the-line product for numerous businesses. Agera Energy potentially provides more of these businesses and homes with energy than any other energy supply corporation.

It is not easy to manage your market when it is so filled with clients. Their secret, however, is to view their clients as people rather than customers. The knowledge that they are working ultimately to help others inspires consistent high-quality work. It is largely due to this indefatigable strength Agera Energy possesses that they are able to spread so swiftly among potential clients, providing them with simple and immediate service.

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Oil Prices Deal Venezuela A Tough Blow

Venezuela is currently feeling the awful effects of lower oil prices. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) released data showing Venezuela has recently been hit with a decline in oil production. According to an article written by Virginia Lopez, “Venezuela suffered it’s largest monthly oil-production decline in a decade.”
Venezuela’s oil production has not only helped lift the nation out of poverty, but has also helped to raise the wealth of it’s citizens. Unfortunately the plummet of oil prices causing a drop in production could bring on future troubles for the citizens of Venezuela.

Venezuela imports 95% of it’s consumables, and according to expert Norka Luque with oil being it’s main export, a drop in oil prices means a hefty drop in revenue.

May’s OPEC report showed Venezuela’s production dropped by 120,000 barrels a day. That total is explained by Luque to take the nation’s production down to 2.37 million barrels a day (MBD). In February, Venezuela reported 2.52 MBD. Five years ago showed an average of a little over 3 MBD.

The drop in production not only causes problems for Venezuela’s revenue, but also it’s citizen struggling to cope with an economic disaster.