Cardale Jones Staying in School

The jump from college football to the NFL is always a big step in an athlete’s life. This step, however, is one that Cardale Jones will not be taking just yet.

Bernardo Chua has found the Ohio State quarterback, who had just secured the Buckeyes football team a college football playoff championship this past Monday, immediately decided that it was his time to head towards the NFL. However, it wasn’t too long after this that Jones had second thoughts on this decision and decided he would be better off staying at Ohio State for at least another year.

Jones had only three starts as a quarterback at Ohio State, one of which came during the college football championship but felt this move to stay in school may serve him better in the end. By staying in school an extra year there’s a much greater chance that he can improve on his football resume and potentially get picked in the first round of the NFL draft, possibly even as a top pick.

At the same time, Jones is not guaranteed to be the starter for the team either, especially since Braxton Miller and his backup, J.T. Barrett, are likely to return to the lineup. There’s also the risk of getting injured, which would impact his standings as a draft pick even more, so in short there are benefits and risks to his decision.