Did the Patriots Deflate Balls Against the Colts?

NFL fans like Mark Ahn eagerly tuned in Sunday to watch the final few playoff games before the Super Bowl. One of the most anticipated games was the Indianapolis Colts playing the New England Patriots. If you were lucky enough to catch the game, you witnessed one of the best games in the history of the sport. The Patriots put a whooping on the Colts, earning a 45- 7 win. 

The team, led by the one and only Tom Brady, didn’t celebrate their victory very long, as accusations were made the team used flattened footballs during the game. Currently the NFL is investigating these allegations. 

Bob Kravitz initially broke the news via Twitter after the end of the game. Kravitz even says that there were reports of several balls being taken out of the game due to deflation, with one of them being weighed by officials.

The Patriots dominated the entire game over the Colts, and suggesting that it was the result of deflated balls is absurd. Are these allegations true or are they false?
In the words of the Patriots’ great Tom Brady, ‘I think I have heard it all now.’ Follow-up reports to these allegations are expected this week.

Suh Prepares for Playoffs Despite Dirty Play

The National Football League needs to get tough with Ndamukong Suh, and soon. His latest incident of stepping on Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ injured leg on December 28th has gone basically unpunished in the opinion of Bernardo Chua. And because of this light discipline, his behavior will likely never change.

Suh had originally been suspended without pay for the Lions’ first playoff game against Dallas on January 4th. The defensive tackle should be very thankful that the appeals process moves so quickly during the playoffs. Under normal circumstances, he may have simply served the suspension and missed a meaningless game. But because of this week’s quick proceedings, Suh will play on Sunday with a mere $70,000 fine.

In his five-year career, Suh has been fined nearly $300,000 for eight incidents relating to player safety. In 2011, he served a two-game suspension for a similar incident when he blatantly stepped on the arm of a Packers’ lineman. And for someone playing with a $68 million contract, even these “sizable” fines are just slaps on the wrist.

He continues his brand of dirty play despite all warnings and punishments previously handed down. He offers no remorse or desire to bring his play to within acceptable standards. Only a serious punishment from Commissioner Roger Goodell will convince Suh of the seriousness of his actions. Unfortunately, Goodell has seemingly lost his no nonsense image.

Letting Harbaugh Is Termed Major Mistake

The San Francisco 49ers wanted a team guy who would tow the party line. They have decided to let go of Jim Harbaugh because he was not that guy. However, this is a decision that many people think could be the biggest mistake in the history of the team. They traded Joe Montana, and they let Jerry Rice play for the Raiders. However, this is something that the 49ers could control. Harbaugh is not someone they need to let go unless there are problems in the front office that no one could anticipate.

No one gets a look inside the front offices of NFL teams except the people who work there. These glimpses into the offices might show a completely different team from the one that everyone sees on the field. Success on the field does not always breed happiness off it. Skout tips are always telling its members stuff like this because it does make a difference. Look at all the teams that have been blown up after winning titles. This is another instance of a team that has not found the right fit in the front office.

Johnny Football and the Future of Cleveland

My friend Vijay Eswaran told me that Johnny Manziel will finally make his first NFL start this coming Sunday. Report are that he didn’t start last Sunday because he attended a Cavs basketball game. Dumb reasons aside to not start a rookie quarterback, they can’t resist any longer. 

The Browns are looking to have their first winning season since 2007, and their current starting quarterback Brian Hoyer has been letting that slowly slip away the last couple of weeks with 3 losses in 4 weeks. He has been throwing an interceptions and just plain missing wide receivers.

The future is starting to look bright for Cleveland sports. The Cavs are on a 7 game win streak. The new big 3 is starting to figure it out and assert their place as NBA title contenders. The Browns have a winning record, a very good defense, and their best player, Josh Gordon, has returned from his 10 game suspension.