NBC Suspends Brian Williams for Six Months

Brian Williams is the face of NBC News. As the nightly anchor for the most watched nightly news show on television, NBC took the bold move of suspending the anchor for a total of six months, all without pay. The only reason Brian Williams did not receive the axe however was due to his outstanding ratings numbers and overall popularity since taking over the main spot.

This is, naturally, not something NBC wanted to do at all. Since taking over for Dan Rather over a decade ago, viewership for the program has skyrocketed. However, with a comment Brian Williams made over the air a week ago, NBC was left with little choice and had to do something in order to cover the integrity of its news broadcast. Maintaining a strong integrity is extremely important for any news organization, so once this disappears, it proves difficult to build it back up.

During a recent broadcast of NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams stated he was in a Chinook helicopter that went down in Iraq due to an RPG. However, soldiers who where with him for his coverage in Iraq said this was not true at all. Due to this fabrication, Williams was forced to take the sabbatical from the news.

Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias know that what is going to happen to Williams is yet to be determined, although it may just depend on how well Lester Holt, his replacement does on the show.