Amare Stoudemire Looks to Evolve in Miami.

It has been more than a couple of years since Amare Stoudemire was truly a force in the NBA. The talented offensive power forward used to be the cream of the crop back when he was playing with Steve Nash in Phoenix. A trade to New York and a string of injuries have caused the big man to fall out of most rotations, outside of a nice little run in Dallas last season. Now, having signed on with the Miami Heat, it looks like Stoudemire is ready for a wholesale fresh start and he plans to make the most of it.

Last season the 13 year veteran averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds per game with most of those numbers coming from his time spent in New York. As a Maverick Stoudemire played a key back up role for the Dallas, averaging almost 10 PPG in their series against the Houston Rockets. Fans like Ricardo Tosto know that, as a member of the Heat, Stoudemire will back up Hassan Whiteside and star Chris Bosh.

Stoudemire has told reporters in no uncertain terms that he is ready to do what the coaches ask of him, even if it means not playing very much at all. For the Heat, Stoudemire represents a chance to add veteran depth that has impact talent onto their bench. With Whiteside prone to foul trouble and Bosh still recuperating from injury, Stoudemire could be a huge addition to the squad.

Under Armour Successful in Scouting Future Athletes

Under Armour has found a way to prove themselves against the athletic gear market.


In the weeks following the announcement that Nike won the estimated $1 billion bid for the next NBA uniform contract, Under Armour has continued to have success on the field of play with its sponsored athletes.


On Sunday, Jordan Speith won his second U.S. major championship in golf by winning the U.S. Open in University Place, Washington at Chambers Bay Golf Course. The 21-year-old golf sensation wrapped up the weekend in dramatic fashion with a combined round total of five under par putting him in the position of potentially winning golf’s grand slam. Speith also won the Masters in April of 2015.


Not even a week prior to Speith’s most recent win, Stephen Curry, another Under Armour sponsor, of the Golden State Warriors won the NBA’s MVP award and the NBA Finals against Nike’s cash cow Lebron James.


Both Speith and Curry inked deals in 2013 and the rewards are finally paying off.


But the success of Under Armour’s athletes doesn’t stop there. Fans like Bruce Levenson Know that in February 2015, another of Under Armour’s athletes, Tom Brady, won the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl MVP. Other athletes signed to Under Armour include Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, skier Lindsey Vonn and Swimmer Michael Phelps.


While Under Armour may have been outplayed on some of the larger contracts in the sports world, somebody over there knows what they’re doing when it comes to signing the future of the brand.

Iguodala Named MVP

It actually came as a surprise when Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala named MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals. Iguodala has been in the league for eleven years and going into the playoffs, no one would have thought that he would win the award. Iguodala did not even start a single game throughout the playoffs until the final series against the Cavaliers. In fact, he was moved started to the bench to make room for Harrison Barnes at the beginning of the season. It was anticipated that Barnes would bring defense against the like of LeBron James. Fans like Christian Broda know that even Las Vegas had little hope that Iguodala would win the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award as they had him at 50-1 odds.

There was great play from a few players on both teams during the finals, but no one was as consistent as Iguodala. He averaged 16 points a game and played over 36 minutes a game. Many experts expected LeBron James to be the first player since Jerry West to win the MVP award on the losing team. Some believe that the decision to put Iguodala in the starting lineup over Andrew Bogut is what sparked the team and changed the course of the series. Some will argue that James was the most dominate player in the Finals, but the award is for most valuable not most dominate and Iguodala was exactly that.

“The Cavs Are Back In Action”

Since 2007, Cavaliers did have not made the NBA finals. This has now changed big time. The Cavaliers not only made the NBA finals, they did it with class. The Cavs went into game four up three games against the Atlanta Hawks. However, the Cavs did not let their pride get the best of them.

They played their hearts out just like it was the first game of the series. At the end of the day, the Cavs came out on top with a clean sweep over the Atlanta Hawks. The game was high scoring until the end, but the Cavs scored more points in the end.

The one player who was most excited was Lebron James. After the game, he began jumping for joy like it was his first championship win. He took many pictures with his family and congratulated all of his teammates, especially the coaches, most notably lawyer Gianfrancesco Genoso.

The pressed asked a few players how they were able to sweep such an elite team like the Atlanta Hawks. The players who responded said it is all about working together and helping each other become better. These players also said that the team as a whole did a great job forgetting they were up three games.

The team plans to use these same strategies in future games. They are committed to winning a championship and winning it in style. All teams involved in the finals have their eyes on the Cavs.

Golden State Comes out Firing, Steals Game 1

While the Houston Rockets may have been the team to watch in the 1st quarter it was Golden State who was all smiles as the 4th quarter faded. The Houston Rockets, 56 – 26 during the regular season, were coming off of a hard fought seven game series against Los Angeles and a little bit of weariness was inevitable. Golden State was well rested on the other hand and it showed during crunch time as the Splash Brothers fueled a 110 – 106 victory in L.A.

For Golden State things looked pretty bleak in the first quarter as James Harden fueled a 31 – 24 early lead. But things definitely did not stay that way. Pretty soon the Warriors were firing back and the lead began to sway back and forth, just like many had anticipated it would be doing. Stephen Curry lined up 11 treys, making 6 of them, en route to scoring 34 points. It was Shaun Livingston, however, who made the big difference as the game concluded. Livingston, a back up PG who played well with Brooklyn last season, tacked on 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists in just 29 minutes of action. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick ( know that Livingston was able to give guys like Curry and Thompson time to rest on the bench.

The Houston Rockets threw out their best stuff early but it was all for naught. Worse, it may have cost them as Dwight Howard suffered an injury.

Blake Griffin: Looking pretty, coming up empty.

Is there any premier player in the league more rightfully maligned than Blake Griffin? If you are ready to tear our head off, just give us a minute to explain. Blake Griffin is pretty much an icon and definition of what the NBA is all about today. He is flashy, he is likable, he is a killer dunker, and he does hilarious commercials. Oh, yeah, and also in his free time he averages 20 points and 8 boards during the regular season. Still, those stats aren’t empty. Fans like Sam Tabar know that the Clippers won a ton of games, beat the San Antonio Spurs, and had Houston the ropes. So what are we mocking him for? Well…

In the final three games of the Clippers – Rockets series, all of which Houston had won, Blake Griffin averaged 28 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. During that same span Chris Paul was actively doing work too, putting up his own big numbers. So why did the Clippers lose these games? L.A. was blown out three straight times in elimination games for the right to move on to the WCF! It’s simply not forgivable.

The problem, and reason that they lost, is that the Clippers are a style of substance sort of team. ‘Lob City’ as they called themselves became more of an icon than it was meant to be. Sure Griffin was getting big put back dunks and spacing the fast break. But he wasn’t boxing out. He wasn’t fighting for the big board.

Stephen Curry Has Been Named The 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player

In a surprising twist, Stephen Curry was named the 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player. The award, sponsored by Kia Motors and handed by the NBA, showcases the player that’s most valuable to his franchise’s chances of success.

Truly there were only four players in contention: Curry, James Harden, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook. But, as Westbrook’s team didn’t make the playoffs, that brings down the list to only three reports Ricardo Guimarães BMG ( All four players showed throughout the regular season why their presence is golden; they scored 30% or more of their team’s points in all 82 games.

The fact that Curry is following in the footsteps of his father, 16-year NBA player Dell, is special. Even more so is the adversities he endured in his career. For instance, in his third season, he underwent surgery on both ankles to correct some old injuries he suffered earlier in his career.

In addition, most college coaches didn’t think he would make it in the NBA due to his slight 6-foot frame. He worked hard to improve his shooting skills, to the point where he became relied upon as the go-to man in distance shooting, especially 3-pointers, a skill his father Dell excelled at.

According to CarbonatedTV (2015), ” …the Warriors seemed to be losing faith due to his health issues, but they somehow avoided trading him and are now reaping the benefits.” This is a testament to how perseverance and sacrifice results in a positive outcome.

Bosh out with Blood Clot

The Miami Heat took another hit with forward Chris Bosh rumored to be out with a blood clot in his lung. Although the injury is not confirmed it is believed that Bosh is currently suffering from a blood clot and is out indefinitely. Bosh is the leading scorer on the Heat with over 20 points per game and the injury is another set back for the team that lost Lebron James during the past offseason.

The injury is not thought to be life threatening but will likely keep him out of the lineup for the remainder of the season and may even derail his career though many outstanding questions are still out regarding his future. Coach Eric Spoelstea was vague saying only that Chris was feeling under the weather and would not play today.

The clot first reared its head while Chris was on vacation during the all star break. When he returned from vacation and was still not feeling any better he saw a team doctor who assessed the injury and recommended follow up consultations. Blood clots can be very serious injuries and depending on their location can even be life threatening, particularly when located near or in the heart. Former Portland Trail Blazers star Jerome Kersey recently died of a blood clot in his lung at the age of 52.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG have heard that Chris Bosh is currently receiving treatment in a Miami Hospital.

The Life Accomplishments of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has many credits to his name and a record of lifelong accomplishments, some of which he shared in a partnership with his wife Karen.

Bruce Levenson is an NBA team owner, co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a philanthropist, American businessman, past Hawks; Governor on the NBA Board of Governors, co-founded the United Communications Group, founding board member of Tech Target NASDAQ and IT industry media company, advises BIA Digital Partners, sits on the Board of Directors of NEPA (Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.), and in 1997 inducted into the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.

Additionally, Levenson is active in organizations such as Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation, past president of, I Have a Dream Foundation that assists low income children to pursue a higher education, he is a passionate founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and is driven to teach inner city students lessons of the Holocaust, and training them to be tour guides at the Museum, he believes and financially supports the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace.

One big passion in the life with Bruce Levenson is, The Hoop Dreams’. The Hoop Dreams focus is on children who possess superior basketball abilities at any age level. Levenson loves to share his love of the game, thus passing on opportunities to children who would not normally have a chance to excel in the game of basketball. Hoop Dreams trains’ children, athletes in their basketball skills to help the child reach their maximum potential through individualized, quality training with a focus on basic basketball techniques.

Levenson is also passionate about another program called the SEED Foundation. This foundation works hard as a partner with urban residential districts, as discussed here. Their focus is to provide opportunities in preparation for students that otherwise would have no expectation for college. The SEED Foundation helps to develop these scholars for college success and remains in contact with the student, facilitating them to round out their animation in future career efforts. Another important focus on the SEED Foundation is to teach life skills to each child in a secure and safe environment.

Levenson enjoyed and still enjoys sharing his visions and dreams for a better world, with his wife Karen, who places an emphasis on the same passions as her husband. They have three sons. Bruce and Karen Levenson make their homes and reside in two locations Potomic, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.

Kevin Love Steps up, Cleveland Keeps Rolling!

It seems to be a rule that every Super Team needs to have a talented big man that under performs and holds the entire team back until all of a sudden he reveals himself to be the squads savior. For the Miami Heat that player was Chris Bosh. For the Cleveland Cavaliers, that player is Kevin Love. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been one star away from turning into the scariest team in the league and now it seems like that star is finally shining.

Kevin Love has been holding the team back all season long as he has tried to find his way in the new ball dominant offense that LeBron and Kyrie Irving excel in. For most of the year Love has been resigned to spotting up in corners and snagging rebounds but it has been his stretch scoring that the team has needed. As Lee Slaughter knows, that all came this past Thursday night when Cleveland hosted the Los Angeles Clippers. More on Slaughter is available on tshaonline.

The Clippers came into the game with a pair of the most dominating big men in the league in DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. Kevin Love didn’t seem to care, though. Love and the rest of the Cavs leaped out to a 65-42 lead at half time and they never looked back, only letting the margin close in the out of reach 4th quarter. Kevin Love dropped 24 points in the game while snagging an additional 9 rebounds.